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  1. I just took my 11-year old son and his best friend to see Robert's show here in Austin and there were plenty of young kids. Not sure who had the most fun but it was a rollicking time!
  2. Thank you for sharing your impressions of the evening, Gigi! If I may weigh in, I don't think the President's remarks were in any way disrespectful and it shouldn't really matter if he was a fan or not. Not everyone is but I think he understood and conveyed their influence appropriately. The speech was funny and it was honest; I don't know anyone who thinks of Zeppelin and is able to ignore their 70s mystique-that's half the charm! Besides, the surviving members are big boys and don't need constant reverence. Receiving this honor is a huge deal and I'm sure that they-and the other honorees
  3. My son really wants me to go as Jimmy, circa 1975; in his mind, it should be quite easy to put together a dragon suit. I'll be dressing as a 20s flapper instead.
  4. Whether or not you like it, "Straight Outta Compton" was a pioneering, groundbreaking album. I think it's incredible and still listen to it quite a bit. To me, "rock and roll" is about so much more than classic rock like Yes or Deep Purple. (Go ahead and flame me but I find both bands very boring.) It's often about varied, wild, unexpected influences and contemporaneous social significance, too. Besides, some of the production choices and wordplay on rap albums are really brilliant. I'm glad that PE and NWA are being inducted but imagine that I am in the minority here.
  5. For what it's worth, NME just posted this from the press conference: http://www.nme.com/news/led-zeppelin/66239
  6. As far as I can tell, it is not showing in Austin at all but IS showing in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. We are already heading to Houston for two days mid-week in November to see Paul McCartney and can't/shouldn't keep our son up late enough to get to San Antonio and back. Because, you know, "school" and all that entails.
  7. Heartbreaker with WLL in second. I have listened to Heartbreaker for over 30 years and I still always get the hugest grin on my face when it begins because it's just SUCH a loose, fun, cool riff. I will never get tired of hearing that song kick in. (WLL is my favorite Zeppelin song and my overall favorite rock song; one reason being the bad-ass riff.)
  8. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to either post or send me a PM. It feels great to be welcomed by (most of) you and I appreciate your kind words. I can't do much about he who seems to have a bizarrely intense need to prove me wrong in front of people I don't know but everyone else has been warm, friendly and beyond welcoming. Thank you again. I LOVE those pictures of Robert and Patty, by the way. Very, very cool.
  9. My son took the first picture of me and my husband at 5:30 am on July 25th while we were waiting for our car to take us to Heathrow. (Yes, my husband is doing The Robot.) The second picture is also of Jimmy's house and was taken the same morning from our apartment block driveway. It is called Park Close and is where Ilchester Place hits Melbury Road, about one block north of Kensington High Street.
  10. Wow. I don't feel that anything I say would ever convince you so I will just say thanks for saying I look 30. I am actually a 45-year old wife and mother who could easily think of more interesting or important things about which to fib.
  11. I know I am very lucky, trust me. I guess I had my radar going after I saw him the first time; I almost laughed out loud when I saw him the second time because I couldn't believe my good fortune. Of course, staying in a flat that is only 176 steps (my son counted after the first encounter) away from his house didn't hurt but we honestly assumed he would be out of town because of all the Olympic hoo-ha. Read my previous comment about living close to Robert for almost a year and never seeing him. Of course, this is a car society, which I lament. Do you live nearby? We really miss walking
  12. My pleasure! I know what Charlotte looks like and it wasn't her.
  13. Ha! I called you Troll Slayer instead of Rock Historian. Oh my gosh, I DO know how to use a computer, believe it or not. Sheesh. Yes, that moment of seeing him look back will never, ever be forgotten. It was darling and made my heart skip a beat or 50.
  14. Oops! I replied incorrectly. Hopefully, you can see my answers in the post above...unhighlighted. :-(
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