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  1. Happy Birthday, Beast !!!! Rock it up there, man. Always Loved and always Missed.
  2. I Played For Your Life so loud that i feared for my own health, and i had to turn it down ... i was sad.
  3. I seen a Picture of him with his hands on his knees, the damn things are enormous !!
  4. I Actually read somewhere that The Acoustic Rock and Roll became Boogie with Stu, but i don't know when boogie with stu was recorded, So, Who knows ?? And as for my favourite version Of RnR, i know it's a bit weird, but i always enjoyed the Studio Version the most !!!
  5. That's Not a LOT, you know.
  6. I absolutely Love It .... Thank you Mr.Sam.
  7. Black dog on a Violin !!!!! well i wasn't at any point expecting that, Freaking amazing though.
  8. I voted for Jason just because i hate Grohl's guts, but when it comes to drumming abilities, they are both very competent and both can (almost) fill john's shoes.
  9. Very Good Thread this and Very nice advises, I've been playing for over a year now ... And of course Zeppelin is my main inspiration, it's been a lot of fun to start, and it still is amazing fun to learn new songs and stuff, a couple of my friends also started playing, but they didn't get on with it, because they didn't have a strong inspiration ... So, a humble advice from another beginner is to have a Strong inspiration, and put it like an idol to you, always listen to songs, of all genres, and expand your horizon, one guitar is enough, you don't need to have a crap load of les pauls to be good. i never took any lessons BTW, i mainly started with Justin Sandercoe on Utube .. and i taught myself a lot of stuff, it's really so damn easy ... it'll take a couple of weeks for your fingers to become nimble and to get used to the instrument, it'll hurt and you'll be irritated for most of the time, But believe me, It's So Fucking Worth it.. And i don't recommend "Studying" the guitar, it's not physics, it's Music ... listen and train your ears to judge the good and the bad, music theory can be boring and overwhelming, so while learning how to build chords and stuff, make sure to also learn fun song to keep you entertained. one last thing ... all great icons, Page, Clapton, Hendrix, Gilmour, Blackmore .. All of them, learned to play songs by ear, and i figured that's the way to go, and i think you should too, Plus, most Tabs are utter Crap, i learned some songs from songsterr.com, and they had no resemblance or whatsoever to the main thing ... so i now learn songs by ear, by watching live performances of them and watching the hands of he guitarist and try to demystify the magic ... i don't mean to be an ass with all these advises, i'm still a relative beginner, but picking the guitar was the best decision in my whole life and i'm sure it'll be yours too .. Have Fun, Practice a LOT, Love the Instrument, and Good Luck Mate.
  10. You Are Completely Right !!! It's Hots on for nowhere, Celebration day, and Misty Mountain Hop Of Course Happy Hippies.
  11. The Description of the Paper Wasp Bite granted me several sleepless nights. And I'm Entomophobic .
  12. ^^^ So You're a Drummer, You Have Several Les Paul Customs (Hence your profile Pictures), and you Recently Posted A detailed Overview on the Tea for One Tone. You Sir Are a Damn good Guy.
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