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  1. Hey Man your playing and tone are really really great. Thanks for sharing. The Ocean sounded killer!
  2. Glad you liked it. I talked to the person who bought it for me and they found it at the bottom of a bargain bin somewhere. I thought it was a cool read too.
  3. Love stories like this. You are one lucky dude. Many thanks.
  4. The Destroyer box set (Cleveland '77) in the plastic carrying case. My first ever Zep bootleg and it changed my life.
  5. Oh hell yeah. Me as well ๐Ÿ‘
  6. A friend gave me this years ago and I am pretty sure it is based solely on Zep IV (Untitled). Pretty cool read. Came with a cover page but it got lost a long time ago.
  7. Just listened to Immigrant and Twist & Shout (yes THAT Twist and Shout. What a gem!). Sorry for the language but outFUCKINGstanding! The bass way high in the mix, where it should be. This is a thumping recording. Amazing work. So many Thanks Steve. Truly.
  8. Hard to choose one......
  9. Me too my friend. I loved every single note of that show. The Doctor was played by Larry Badgley...........
  10. Oh hell yeah! โ˜๏ธ
  11. Any Tool fans here? This band has been absolutely blowing my mind since I first heard them with the new Fear Inoculum album. Yes I came to them late. But damn I have been making up for lost time. Probably most of us agree here the effect that Zeppelin had on us when we first heard them and then how they became part of our life, like the air we breath. They are and always will be in a class all their own but god damn if my discovery of Tool did not have some of the same feelings. I can not say it any better than they blew my fucking mind! Layers of layers of intensity and soul and the highest quality musicianship. These 4, like Zep, are masters of their instruments. 4 simple men who get together and create this much power is rare indeed. Maynard is a freak! His screams and howls are bone chilling. He stalks the stage in the shadows like a mental patient. And Justin almost dominating the mix with his bass playing. Huge chords and riffs. Not obnoxious just heavy and in your face. And Adam on the gorgeous Les Paul playing the distorted stuff so fucking tasteful and what the song calls for. A Sunday walk in the park it ainโ€™t. And Danny? Holy fuck Danny. A beast on the drums. So many odd time signatures, so many styles and so many sounds. The guy is , and I donโ€™t throw this word around lightly, a master at his craft. A Mount Rushmore drummer. And like Zeppelin take the 4 individuals and put them together and magic happens. The 4 individuals become a fucking living entity. Of rage and distortion and howls and thumping genius. Again, like Zeppelin I find myself going back to any of their albums and getting something new everytime. Okay Zeppelin is and always will be in a class by themselves. Then there is Floyd of course. The Grateful Dead changed how I listen to (and play) music (Jerry and Phil, nuff said on that). But Tool truly grabbed me by the shoulders and fucking shook me. They woke me up. One music fanโ€™s humble opinion. For me Tool is art, spirituality and sheer human talent. PS. Had tickets to see Tool here in Montreal this past April. Row 4 on the floor right in front of Justin. Canceled. Yeah I was bummed.
  12. Oh hell yeah. Well said my friend. In The Light, TYG and Kashmir are, for me, THE masterpieces. And as a guitar player, the TYG solo is an underrated work of art.
  13. As a guitar player and part time tech who has been playing for more than 45 years let me just say DO NOT let anyone tell you what string height and/or pick up height should be. It is a totally personal choice. Play with it all until you find YOUR zone. And like ADK โ˜๏ธsaid, it is in the hands more than anything. I found my zone in crazy high action and pretty low pick up height. My Gibsons scream! 45 years of playing and practice helps too of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ And don't get me wrong, I love to read about page and his equipment as much as anyone. Hell when I saw Page and Plant in 95, I think, I was row 4 center and spent most of the night staring at Page's '59 like it was the holy freakin grail. Which we all know it is..........๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ™
  14. As a fellow Deadhead I loved that you would point this out. Much respect my friend. God bless the fat man in the black t-shirt
  15. My daily schedule is to work hard, then nap and then a cup of Earl Grey tea with sugar. Work + Nap + Tea = Heaven
  16. Hint, Canadian music thread and, IMHO, the finest frontman in music. He was anyway.......... ๐Ÿ˜•
  17. I got that one too my friend in about 1981 at some weird bootleg store in North Vancouver. I paid $25 Canadian dollars and I wore that thing out. Literally. Still have the beige case somewhere in the basement. I especially wore out the "Ya didn't have to tell me that you, love me so. Ya didn't have to leeeeeeeeeeave me Mama, let me go......." Damn Plant nailed that line ๐Ÿ˜ฎ The doctor was played by Larry Badgely............
  18. Thanks for the post. Stuff like that makes this planet a better place. And God knows we need that. Much appreciated.
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