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    Brooklyn, New York
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    I am currently working on a book about Showco- the legendary sound and lighting company from Dallas, Texas 1965-1981.

    I also collect original Led Zeppelin tour items.
  1. Sprinz77

    4 May 1973 - Atlanta

    Hi! Is this shot from Atlanta 1973? Maybe? Jimmy's hair looks abit longer. Thoughts?
  2. Sprinz77

    Starship 1975

    Here's a great one of Jimmy aboard the Starship. He seems to be in a very "inspired" state. If it was me....I'd be doing the same exact thing. Enjoy! ZoSo
  3. Sprinz77

    LZ/Tempe, AZ, July 20, 1977

    Thanks! Of all places Facebook. I'll check to see if there are more. It's such a great shot. Jimmy looks way out. His stage outfit for this show is killer. How come more photos of this show have yet to surface? Was Neil Preston shooting for this show?
  4. Sprinz77

    LZ/Tempe, AZ, July 20, 1977

    Check this out!!!! WOW!!!
  5. Sprinz77

    4 May 1973 - Atlanta

    Hello, My name is Jason Sprinzen. I am currently writing a book about Showco- the legendary sound and lighting company from Dallas, Texas. Showco produced every Led Zeppelin tour from 1971 through 1980. I recently came across an interesting collection of 10 polaroid photographs that were in my archive while doing research on the 1973 North American Tour. They were taken by a crew member who must have been standing in the middle of the field while Led Zeppelin was running through their daytime sound check. From the photographs, you can clearly see two very large white (what could possibly be) projection screens on either side of the stage. I will be speaking with the crew member in the near future and ask him his memories of this little documented show. These mentioned photos will be pictured in my upcoming book. If I uncover information on this show I will definitely pass it along. Thanks!
  6. Sprinz77

    My Zepp Covers

    Hello! Very nice playing on the Rain Song! Keep up the great work!
  7. Sprinz77

    Photos of the starship (Zep plane) or the band aboard it

    Hey guys! This is a great thread. Here's a cool and very rare shot of Robert Plant and the Starship conquering North America in 1973. Who's the cat Percy is standing with? Roy Harper?
  8. Sprinz77

    My Old Room Full Of Original Led Zeppelin Posters!

    Hey everyone! Happy New Year! Thank you for all your replies! I really appreciate it. Happy to hear you like the pictures. I found a few more. I'll post em' soon.
  9. Sprinz77

    Need Help. Rare Poster?

    Here's a photo of me in my old room with that great poster on the wall back in the mid 1980's.
  10. As i'm back home for the holidays I was feeling a bit nostalgic. I pulled out the old family photo albums from the mid to late 80's. I wanted to share with some friends and have a good laugh. I came across these great photos of my old room back in Huntington, Long Island. Even back then I was the biggest Led Zeppelin fan. I still am. My whole room was a shrine full of Led Zeppelin head shop posters, Swan Song promotional items, pictures torn from Creem & Hit Parader magazine and original tour memorabilia from 1975 & 1977. Anything Zeppelin related I could get my hands on. Not a shabby collection considering this was the age before the internet. My friends and I would hang out in that room and listen to Led Zeppelin records, cassettes and hard to get bootlegs (sorry Peter Grant) on the stereo, play guitar (trying to figure out the Rain Song and Ten Years Gone), drink beers and have a great time. I just checked the closet. My Mom saved all of these items that adorned those walls so many years ago. Led Zeppelin RULES! ZoSo
  11. Sprinz77

    Oakland, CA -Alameda County Coliseum-July 23, 1977

    This is a truly great job DavidZoso! Thank you very much! I have two original Led Zeppelin/Oakland jackets that were given out to the crew for these concerts.
  12. Sprinz77

    rockinhouston.com - amazing pics of Zep and others

    Thank you! Thank you! WOW! This site is a tremendous resource! THANK YOU STURIE!!!!!
  13. Sprinz77

    My Music Room

    What a great creative and cool music room! Enjoy getting the Led-Out!!!! ZoSo
  14. Sprinz77

    Cuttings and Articles

    This is a wonderful thread full of amazing photos I have never seen before! Thank you!
  15. Sprinz77

    Knebworth-Stage Set-Up and Soundcheck 1979

    These are great!!!!