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  1. After running into this outtake on Youtube (maybe Headley Grange '70?) where the Immigrant Song drum groove transitions perfectly into Bathroom Sound... I began to wonder whether Immigrant Song and Out On The Tiles were initially born as the same jam. Same take, similar tempo in their early stages, similar drum sound and arrangement, Immigrant Song is in F#... Bathroom Sound/OOTT verses are in F#... Does anyone else see it? Or is there any info on the subject
  2. Oh man, I definitely have a lot of those "oh what?" moments... I'm at work so I can't check out the timestamps, but... Sometime in Going to California, Robert's nose whistles.Sometime in Tea for one, I hear a group of children playing/yelling.Sometime in When the levee breaks, there is a muted hi-hat. (2:02)
  3. Side One - Page Since I've been loving you The Rain Song Whole lotta love Side Two - Bonham In my time of dying Four sticks Black dog Side Three - Plant Ramble On Kashmir Achilles last stand Side Four - Jones The Lemon Song No Quarter Trampled underfoot
  4. I was born in 1988 so I discovered the band a lot later.. Can you expand on why the '90 remasters were a turning point?
  5. Take me home sounds very Wanton song-esque, maybe too much for it to be considered a potential unreleased tune. I'd gladly receive it though!
  6. Hey man, this is what my Studio Magik has listed: When i'm home I'll edit in with details
  7. Agreed with Glyn. I also found those lyrics in an old Angelfire.com fan site, titled "The first 100% accurate transcription of Led Zeppelin's lyrics", so it can't be wrong
  8. Haha LedZeppfan77 thanks man, dont make me blush! Picture was taken in Berlin two years ago, perfect excuse to show off my (fake) vintage Zeppelin shirt. I wanted to post a picture of me in my other zeppelin shirt in front of a sign that literally said "For Badgeholders Only" (it was a parking spot somewhere), but I can't find it
  9. Yes! Boozed Bonzo voice: "I think at this point football is a load of bollocks!!"
  10. I agree. Not to argue what Jimmy Page says, but to me it sounds like Bonzo... Same kind of raspy, crunchy voice I can hear in banter like the whole diarrhea "he's the only drummer with a commode for a stool" bit (Earls Court?). Anyone agree?
  11. OP, you can pull more ideas from here: ZEPPELIN SITES on Google maps: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zuXan2yGbj4w.kH0HW9tCfkOA
  12. Wow true! Very good ear, appiantiqua. Now next up, Record Store day item will be Black Country Levee (mashup rough mix): Hey hey levee... Is it rainin' here? Hey hey levee... Is it rainin' still? You could've just told me you were gonna break, You could've just told me that flood just wasn't fake. Hey hey levee... is it rainin' still? I guess down South's alright... But they got no work to do...
  13. Leevee early version is already on The Guardian (UK only). Very stripped down and even a bit funky too. Plant sings almost dummy vocals and bass is upfront. Not echo'd or phased. http://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/jul/23/led-zeppelin-hear-an-unreleased-version-of-when-the-levee-breaks
  14. Do you reckon these dudes had a good time or a bad time writing the intro? It's even called "SIXTY EIGHT"
  15. I think the only time they remotely dabbled into prog as I understand it is, like other commenters said, in Achilles Last Stand because of its epic storytelling, its structure in passages and the driving beat and the sudden changes in time signatures outside of 4/4. But keys are the PR in PROG in my opinion. No Quarter would also qualify for a prog flavor. What is glam about Sick Again? While I agree on D'yer and The Crunge, I don't see anything glam in Sick Again, except maybe the lyrics being about the groupie stuff. It's a sweeping hard rock tune!!
  16. Ha! cute and funny. Plant Hire + Black Dock tarmac + Driveway to heaven is maybe a little too much reference together, though, could be more subtle
  17. Not sure my reply got through on Pinterest so here I come again: In the picture you posted he's muting the strings. The bang-bang bow section goes something like this: E5... A5... G5... B5... Each chord is banged with the bow, the echo unit catches the sound and Page rapidly muted the strings to avoid any more feedback. The result: E5 BANG-BANG!...bang......bang..... A5 BANG-BANG!...bang...bang..... Without muting the strings, the output would've been something like: BANG-BANNNNNGGGGGG.. Man I hope my point gets through cause this has gotta be my most ridiculous post
  18. Damn right he is sloppy. You know who's not sloppy? Steve Vai. I hope my point gets through
  19. Tangerine is pretty simple to play, it's around Am-G-D-C first position
  20. Terrible is a bit harsh, yeah. It's just strange that a song like Ramble on sounds so quiet and chillout. It's about rambling on!
  21. SIBLY and Tea for One are terrific songs, but I find SIBLY is more like teenage angst blues and Tea For One grown up man blues
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