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  1. Since I've Been Loving You is one of my favorites played live. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You was always great when it was played. The Rain Song as well as Over The Hills And Far Away both were usually great!
  2. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Led Zeppelin
  3. Yes! This has made me so happy. I'm really excited for it now.
  4. Woo! He finally got a Slam. I'm so happy for him, he definitely deserved it, and while the match wasn't very clean it certainly was exciting.
  5. While I like Nole alot, I hope Murray can finally win a slam and it'd be great to have 4 different Slam winners this year.
  6. Haha. Good one. I wish Roddick all the best post-Tennis. I'm super dissapointed by Federer's loss to Berdych. While Berdych played well, Federer should've done a lot better.
  7. Last night at Earls Court. Cartoons or Comic Books?
  8. I'm very sorry to hear that^^, it must be very difficult for her and her family to go through that.
  9. Yes I realize there will most likely be no more reunions and just enjoy the stuff they've already done.
  10. I feel exactly the same way. I wish both Roddick and Clijsters all the best post-tennis. I'm also dissapointed by Tsonga's early exit.
  11. I'm dissapointed that Clijsters lost, oh well, she had a pretty succesful career.
  12. Stratocaster. Brian May's Red Special or Jimmy Page's No.1 Les Paul.
  13. Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Vol 2, which collects Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #39-67, Annuals #3-5 and Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #1-2.
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