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  1. I am dancing like a loon to this music and I don't care
  2. Hi, I think I had a similar experience to your son, I was classically trained for a few years before listening to Led Zeppelin. I wouldn't worry about choosing songs to introduce Robert's voice to anyone, because you're not ever going to leave the rawness apparent in his voice. For what it's worth I think early live versions of How Many More Times are some of his best showings, along with everything listed already. Take your pick of later solo music - what he lost in range he gained in sensitivity and expression.
  3. One thing that sticks out in my mind is how cool John Paul Jones' boots looked during the bass pedal closeups. Small things like that.
  4. Geez, I have a busy week and I come back and the three of them are in the same room together for all to see. Amazing.
  5. Chiming in as a newer member with how exciting this feels. Watching Zeppelin speculation and activity, and likely not a rumor, unfold in real time is surreal to me. I guess I only thought I was jaded.
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