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  1. Hi All. Just to add to the mix. I was given this by Jimmy in the mid 1970's. It say's, 'TO TONY, GOD BLESS, YOUR FRIEND,JjIMMY PAGE'. Which explains a little about Zeppelin and religion. Regards ZISH.
  2. Hi Again. I'm not sure that these are posting but here's another. ZISH.
  3. Hi azad These are two of my videos playing. ZISH. http://s1244.photobucket.com/user/zish1/media/MeGuitarSlow_zps5425d4ac.mp4.html?o=6 https://i.ytimg.com/vi/GoDDP3xbQ6k/mqdefault.jpg
  4. Hi azad. Gonna try posting me here. This is my 1970's pre law suit Ibanez Les Paul copy, through a Marshall MG 100DFX. ZISH. http://s1244.photobucket.com/user/zish1/media/MeGuitarSlow_zps5425d4ac.mp4.html?o=6
  5. Hi Again. Hopefully this time my video will post. This is my interpretation of Kashmir. ZISH.
  6. Hi again azad. Yes, I am lucky to have my bits from Jimmy and I do realise just how lucky I am. Thank you for the interest. ZISH.
  7. Hey Ddladner. They are very precious to me, along with the memory's. All the best. ZISH.
  8. Hi azad. The Herco plectrum is the lighter coloured one, to the left of the two darker gibsons, at the top. It was used by Jimmy in the 1970's. It's well known that he used Herco's. The Jim Dunloop is another brand, it is the grey pick on the bottom left, with U.S.A Nylon on it. Thank you for the interest. ZISH.
  9. Here is another from the 1970's, with some plectrums and strings, again generously given to me by Jimmy. As you can see, one of the picks is a 'Herco', used by Jimmy.
  10. Hi All. I have posted this before but wanted to share it with the person who started this thread, #1 Dario Cervantes Gonzalez This is Jimmy's personal t/shirt, given to me in the 1970's
  11. Seems I need to look into posting a video. ZISH.
  12. Hi All. This is my interpretation of Kashmir. https://i1.ytimg.com/vi/GoDDP3xbQ6k/mqdefault.jpg Thank you for watching. ZISH.
  13. Hi Hi Bayougal. Thank you so much for that. I appreciate you saying hi. I hope all is well with you. It's nice to be remembered. XX
  14. Two points on the above topic. (A) Zeppelin can be heard in many Hendricks recordings, especially 'All Along The Watchtower' and 'Stairway to Heaven'. ( Bert Jansch always said that his work was emulated by Zeppelin. The case in point being, Jansch's "Jack Onion", album, recorded 1966. As above, there is only so far musicians can go, until their songs echo and cross other songs. In a large percentage of cases, this is unintentional, in some cases, it is done purposely. I must state that there is no greater Led Zeppelin fan than myself but on occasions, I can hear various other works in their
  15. Hi Sabelstorm. All very good, you must have worked very long and hard. Thank you. ZISH.
  16. Hey chillumpuffer. Looks like you got all bases covered. Enjoy. ZISH.
  17. I think I would stay in til it was a lot warmer than that. ZISH.
  18. Hi clw. Just the 'Villge pub'. Hope you have a good time. ZISH.
  19. Very nice Anjin san. Thank you. ZISH.
  20. Hi slave to zep. Your there already, down there. Cheers ZISH.
  21. All the very best LedZeppfan77. ZISH.
  22. "And as the tide of the old year, washes away the dust, to make way for all things new" Cheers Whoopie Cat.
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