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  1. Hi Bayougal65. Thank yo so much for the kind words and 'Wavy Hand'. Im Ssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooo happy, your SSSSSSSSSssoooooooooo happy. Happy ZEPPTEMBER.
  2. Hi jb126. Thanks for the sign. Hope you are happy & healthy.
  3. Hi Walter. Thank you very much. I hope all's well with you. Thank you very much Dandu. I hope you are well.
  4. If your happy aen27, then so am I.
  5. That sounds just ideal ledzepfvi. It's very nice to be back and very nice of you to say so Cookie0024.
  6. Hi Again Stillwater. It's an old backing track and it is a basic 'Since I been Loving You. I have attached four photos, the only button pressed in is the Overdrive 2, the rest are off, I'm using channel 2. You are right, you do need the older pedals, I have a Colorsound Wah Wah & Rolland Distortion, both from the early 1970's but I'm not using them on the video. The Marshall is obviously not Valve but has the ability to sound 'Like' but not as good as Valves, which when tweaked can obtain the sort of sound you might be after. Hope this is of help. ZISH.
  7. Hi Stillwater. If this is of any use to you. It is me using an early Ibanez, through a Marshall MG100 DFX, if it is any nearer the sound you want, I will write out the setting I have it on.n I am not using any effects pedals, just straight through the amp. To better the sound you really need to use a true valve amplifier. Let me know Good Luck. ZISH.
  8. Hi Nat431. You are right about the 'God Bless', as it was me that Jimmy signed on one of my autographs. All that 'Kimbersays' has written, is true and those who doubt her should be ashamed, I can't understand why some people bother signing up to this sight just to find fault in peoples posts. All the best ZISH.
  9. Hi Knebby. I did think you meant JB as being Johnny Bindon, as chillumpuffer has said. It isn't him. ZISH.
  10. Hi Again Knebby. If I'm right in regard of 'JB', being the initials of a certain person, no it's not him. ZISH.
  11. Hi Knebby. Hope all is well with you. Love the above. Iv'e noticed how many things from that night are already up for sale and the prices. All the best. ZISH.
  12. Hi Again Cookie24. How kind of you, I hope you are well. Keep happy & Healthy. ZISH.
  13. ZISH


    Welcome Zeppelin4. I hope you enjoy it here. ZISH.
  14. Hi, I don't see any of the signatures as being Jimmy Pages. ZISH.
  15. I would agree with f2walsh. If he wants to learn, he'll let you know, wait for that, otherwise I would think it would be very hard to hold his attention. As long as you include him whilst you are playing, you may get him interested. Best of luck. ZISH.
  16. No Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore etc, Brian may is good in his field but a long way from Page, Joe Satriani, too clinical, Stevie Ray Vaughan should be higher up the list, If Tony Iommi is that high, where is Richie Blackmoore? As Greenman said, says more about the people asked in the pole. If you look at the construction and content of Jimmy Pages music, it is far above most on that and other lists. ZISH.
  17. Hi ksgemini. I closed the thread due to one post upsetting the people it was about, which I totally understand. Thank you for your interest ksgemini. All the best. ZISH.
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