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  1. Dear All. When I came across this site, I thought it was terrific, I thought, as a massive Zeppelin fan, that I could add to it, I put a lot of thought into my posts, I tried to balance what I felt I could and could not write. I was so very proud of the position I had found myself in the 1970's, I had and still have the greatest respect for Mr Page and his family, as I do for my relations. I wanted to write about how kind Mr Page and his family were towards me and to my relations, without going to far. The last post which was put onto my thread, was upsetting for all concerned. I closed the t
  2. Hi All. There were still some Tickets to the Premier at Hammersmith Apollo, October 12th, £20.00 each, on Monday of this week, as far as I read Page, Plant & Jones will attend. ZISH.
  3. Jimmy worked as session guitarist on at least one Bowie Single in the 1960's.
  4. Jimmy Page did outbid David Bowie for Tower House, Jimmy is an avid collector of William Burgess furniture, Tower House was fitted with and had a lot of Burgess items, including every room having a William Burgess fireplace, including the entrance hall, all of the rooms were named after the fireplaces, Mermaid, Old London, etc. Jimmy has half of a collection of certain Burgess cabinets, The Victoria & Albert Museum have the other half, neither will sell. ZISH.
  5. Your right mstork. There are a lot of fences still to be mended between Jimmy & Robert.
  6. Hi Tazulike88. I did see an interview with Page & Plant and as they sat down to talk, an interviewer said, "Where's John Paul; Jones", to which Robert Plant replied, "Parking the car". JPJ was always in the background, on most of the foreign tours he would miss his family, whist the others ran riot, he would stay away, he'd even have his family there at times.
  7. I have a 'Presence' with a blank label, no track info , timings etc.
  8. The only official 'Stairway to Heaven single was the Australian EP. Pb! is correct in regard of the 'Misspelt Pirate', also the dates are wrong for Stairway.
  9. Hi Steve. You mention Jimmy having two photos in his living room, one of Charles, the other of Diana and himself, in the mid 1980's, could you tell me which house you are referring to. Thank you. ZISH.
  10. I have a tee shirt that Jimmy gave me, the 1977 United States tour shirt, sold to the public was white on black, a hand full of black on white ones were printed for the band and their family's, I was at Plumpton and Jimmy asked if I would like a copy of @The song Remains The Same', I said that I had it, although one of the records was damaged, he gave me a copy and signed it, he asked if there was anything else, I said no I was more than happy with the album, he said he knew something I would like, he went out of the room and when he returned he had a shirt in his hand, it was the shirt that h
  11. As you can see from my profile photo, I still have some sticky back adverts for the shop, my sister used to help out at the shop, she was Jimmy's housekeeper not too far from it.
  12. I was at the Hammersmith Gig, did you take the photo, it was the first time that Jimmy played with Robert since Zeppelin ceased to be, Great photo.
  13. It is spending a lifetime playing a guitar, looking down at it, whilst sitting and standing, plus the weight of the twin neck.
  14. Hi Kimbersays. You are right about Jimmy's house, Tower House, In Mulberry Road, I spent a lot of time there, as my sister was Jimmy's housekeeper there from the early 1970's until the mid 1980's, she had the flat above the garage, we also used to visit him at Plumpton Place, he was always a genuinely gracious man and always gave me the time to sit and speak with him, he gave me a lot of good advise in regard of music. He is a very fine person indeed. Loved your story. ZISH.
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