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  1. @ledzepfilm: I never said "Sick Again" sucked. I simply said I wasn't as FAMILIAR with the track as I was with others, hence my not noticing that it was a DIFFERENT version (I still have to go back and compare the two). I mentioned "Boogie with Stu" because it SHOULD be easily recognizable to a Zep/rock fan, first, because it's based on an old Ritchie Valens song, and second, because it features Ian Stewart, who normally played with the Rolling Stones. Like I said, the music is GOOD, it's just UNDERWHELMING in terms of surprises.
  2. OK, I'll admit it. I did miss "Sick Again." Then again, it's NOT one of my favorites, and NOT one of their better known tracks. I was expecting somewhat different versions of "Kashmir" and "Boogie with Stu." Instead, they sounded IDENTICAL to the originals. OK, if you only have TWO distinctive alternate tracks, do you really need to add an EXTRA disc? Why not admit there just wasn't enough WORTHY extra material lying around and just add those two tracks to the second disc of "PG" as extra tracks?
  3. Re: the above mentioned Physical Graffiti live stream - Just finished hearing it. Actually, they just played the "alternate" disk that has come with all the reissues. Unfortunately, it was UNDERWHELMING. The only standout track is the alternate version of "In The Light," which is noticeably different. As for the rest of the tracks, if there were differences, they were SO slight, I didn't notice them, and I doubt if many others will either. Still, looking forward to receiving "PG" when it's released next week (I pre-ordered on Amazon). At least the NEW artwork will give me something to anticipate!
  4. Almost forgot...what's the DEAL with using "digipaks?" I can see them being used for NEW releases by NEW artists, whose consumers (most likely youngsters) might get SICK of them and decide to discard them after awhile. But LZ fans? No...we're fans for LIFE. Will these "digipaks" last the AVERAGE human life span? Something tells me NO.
  5. What SURPRISES me about the re-issues is the lack of CONTEXT. The cds are issued with booklets containing photographs, but no text to explain the IMPORTANCE of the band in rock's history. Most, if not ALL, of the members here would agree that LZ is one of the GREATEST rock band of all time, but why not allow someone versed in rock history to lay out why this is so? Cameron Crowe did an admirable job on the previous complete re-issue. Why not REPRINT his opinions in this re-issue series, or have some other critic/historian provide the proper context? The common trope is that "art should speak of itself," but in this instance, the art is OVER thirty years old. You would think Mr. Page, with all the time he's invested in the SONIC quality of his catalog, would also give consideration to a few words printed on its behalf
  6. Thanks for the USEFUL link, Sathington! Somehow it failed to come up on a keyword search. Much appreciated!
  7. I ALREADY did a search and didn't come up with anything COMPARABLE.
  8. Just finished reading Barney Hoskins' oral history of LZ and was left disappointed. Not enough on the CREATION of the music and perhaps too many unsubstantiated accounts of bad behavior, especially from John Bonham. It got me thinking: what would the LZ community here consider the BEST overall book on LZ? Thanks for sharing!
  9. Damn, tmtomh, your knowledge of LZ CD trivia is IMPRESSIVE! The reason for my original query is that I own a CD version of "Physical Graffiti" that is obviously one of the ORIGINAL releases (U.S. with the red outer ring). I looked all over the package for a release year, but nada. So, you mean to tell me my copy possibly dates back to '86-'87? Thanks!
  10. Anyone know what year the FIRST editions of LZ on CD came out? Thanks!
  11. Anyone else seen the new commercial for Christian Dior perfume featuring "Whole Lotta Love?" Is this really NECESSARY? I'm not totally against using popular music in ads. I've discovered some good new music through their use in commercials. But I really think this should be limited to little known acts or those just starting to break thorough. By allowing their songs to be used for commercials, Led Zep is just WATERING down their impact and risking OVEREXPOSURE. Case in point, the Who. Thank God I'm not a fan of either "CSI" shows or I'd be SICK to death of hearing "Who Are You?" or "Won't Get Fooled Again!" Just like anything in life, be it the finest steak and yes, Led Zep's best, you're bound to get SICK of it if you have it ALL the time. That's how I got BURNED OUT on Zep, by listening to them AD NAUSEUM on "classic rock" radio (anyone else remember that?). It wasn't until recently that I was able to listen to Zep again, especially the DEEP cuts, with fresh ears. I hope this is the LAST one of these types of commercials we see in a LONG time (if not, forever). There's no NEED for it. They've made tons of money, are known the world over, and their records continue to sell. Please Led Zep, don't RUIN your legacy.
  12. @TheROver: Thanks again, but if one is gonna play HD files through CRAPPY computer speakers, then one is missing the point. I see only TWO alternatives: UPGRADE and get kick ass comp speakers (I understand SONOS is supposed to make some fantastic ones), or record the file onto a disc of some sort that would allow you to play it on an APPROPRIATE hi-fi system, but wouldn't that be defeating the purpose? Hmmm...
  13. @pujols05: How DARE you question whether I'm a TRUE fan or not (besides making that AWFUL pun which, though tempted, I resisted doing) Pshaw! Why, I'm listening to the Paris concert from LZ 1 at this very moment (on Spotify, of course!) and LOVING it!!! Seriously, I know I'll eventually buy them ALL (and sell my complete collection box set on Ebay and hopefully break even). I just wanted to wait and see everyone's else reactions. I really feel for the people who ordered via Amazon and have yet to receive them. Talk about Zep withdrawal. Oh well, there's always Spotify! Ain't the internet GRAND?!
  14. @TheRover: (sorry, for some reason, the "quote" function is disabled on my PC) Thanks for your post, an actual INFORMATIVE, substantive one! Wow, they do exist! Seriously, while the idea of having a format that has more "info" than a CD (pardon the pun) SOUNDS great, how does one translate it into a real world setting? Correct me if I'm wrong, but this "96/24" format comes on some kind of thumb drive you plug into a computer, right? So if, like me, you have typical computer speakers, you really WON'T hear the difference, right? Thanks!
  15. @henrybonzo: NOT the same? How so? As for the book, I was planning on buying the DELUXE editions, but I read a review on Amazon that mentioned that "LZ I" didn't even have LINER notes! Talk about a WASTED opportunity.
  16. @Rover: Could you explain this whole "96/24" deal? Thanks!
  17. LZ 1,2, and 3 (deluxe editions) are now on Spotify! Makes you wonder...should I even buy a PHYSICAL copy? Hmmm...
  18. Wonder if anyone HERE got their hands of one of the sets yet? Yeah, yeah, I know the "official" release isn't until a little over a week now, but I remember seeing what appeared to be the first three sets on Jimmy Fallon, so I imagine other members of the press/media must have gotten some preliminary copies already. Anyone of you out there?
  19. Thanks, JTM (I'd quote you if I could!) At least now I know I'm not the ONLY one!
  20. Question for you TECH heads out there: is the HD download card offered in the "Super Deluxe" versions some kind of NEW format? The first of these types of "Super Deluxe" packages I can remember is Pink Floyd's, and I don't recall it being offered then. Why offer an HD card if you could just import the CDs using iTunes or WMP? Thanks!
  21. SteveAJones: TRUST me, I tried that, but like "OzzyisDio," when I do that, it TOO posts as an UNQUOTED post. Another member mentioned the same thing, of being able to use the function on a PHONE, so maybe it's a function that's MEANT to be used as such, on a PHONE, not a PC.
  22. Question to you SUPER fans (some would say fanatics) out there, those who know of the various BOOTLEGS and additional tracks that exist: since the companion disc to "LZ" is only a live performance, does that mean that there were NO additional tracks from that period to release, or that the tracks that are available are not of a sufficient QUALITY, either audio-wise or content-wise, to be OFFICIALLY released? Thanks!
  23. Anyone know if ANY country will get the releases FIRST, or will they all be shipped the SAME day worldwide? Thanks! (and how the HELL do you use the "quote" function?!)
  24. anyone know HOW the "quote" function works? I press the button, but nada.
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