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  1. Oh no! Sadly, another great musician has shuffled off this mortal coil Played on my favorite Savoy Brown recordings, and a few great UFO lps, as well, amongst his many contributions to other musicians/recordings, over the years. Condolences to his family and friends.
  2. A small taste of what is coming soon, from the archives; Heart, performing in May of 1977:
  3. Also have to praise this shot of Frampton. Really close, and framed well :)
  4. That would appear to be an Epiphone Dwight [according to the article, it was an Epiphone Coronet, licensed to Dwight's Music shop, in NYC, for customization]: More about his guitars, here: Steve Marriott's guitars - atonement blog
  5. Very nice! Saw Humble Pie several times, between the "Smokin'" tour, and "Eat It!". Great rock 'n' roll band. So sad Marriott passed on.... Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thanks for sharing. A few of their clips pop up from time to time in my YouTube feed. Always prefer professional clips, vs fan [shaky hand-held images], myself :)
  7. Quite tame presentation, compared to many other K-Pop girl groups, these days.
  8. It has been a while, and over the years, I've managed to work on a few more photos from my archives. The latest, being The Kinks, from their 1980 and 1982 tours of the U.S. Here are a few choice ones, and a link to read about, and see more, from the shows. Michael Conen's WordPress Blog: "Where Were You?" - The Kinks perform in Louisville, Kentucky [1980 & 1982]
  9. Indeed I did. It had been a long day before the show began, as I had purchased my camera gear earlier that afternoon, which took a bit of time. You might imagine how much adrenaline had been going through my system for nearly half a day - between the shopping for the equipment; arriving early enough to get through security; and then the show itself, ha ha!
  10. Well, since it was 40 years ago today, thought I'd share a glimpse of how much anticipation I had, for their appearance in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 25, 1977. The following are scans from the calendar for that year, which I used, to [mostly] keep track of shows that I attended, that year.... Head over to this link on photos, to see what came of my efforts that night: April 25, 1977 - Freedom Hall, Louisville, Kentucky photos
  11. WLL4LZ, You are most welcome! Happy to have you comment that you enjoyed the images, and that you thought you could gain a slight "feel" for what the experience of the performance might have been like, from the images captured at that concert. Cheers! Michael
  12. For those of you visiting these posts to possibly see photos from the Louisville show in '77, and who are not members of this site: You can see many - but not all - of the photos I've shared here, but I would have to direct your attention to the "Timeline" for the 1977 tour - http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/april-25-1977 Cheers, Michael
  13. PlanetPage, You are most kind in your description of these photographs. I feel fortunate that I was able to get a mere handful of satisfying images from that evening, on a personal level, but I am happy that others find them pleasing.... as you so nicely detailed here. Thank you, again!
  14. LZ77, You are most welcome. I just hope everyone who downloads these, respects the spirit in which they were shared on this forum, and keeps them to themselves [as they are copyrighted works of mine].
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