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  1. Hey Dan what about those swansong office pictures? Would love to see them

  3. Hi Kev, We don't need a Soap Opera mate, we live it every day. Very Kind Regards, Danny
  4. Hi Kev, A Black Gunman gets killed by the Cops and now all Hell breaks loose, Rioting, Looting, 26 Police Injured, 50+ Arrested, as for my opinion? i would be banned for giving it, but you can tell where i stand, to destroy your own neighbourhood is beyond me, we need Syrian Policing at the moment. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-14423942'>http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-14423942 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/ Very Kind Regards, Danny
  5. Hi Brad, you talking to me? Kind Regards, Danny
  6. Hi Knebby, You might like Mr Morgan, but the day he gets his cumuppence i'll toast the Judge, Morgan is lower than pond life as far as i'm concerned, it will all come out in the end, not only him but all Editors can be held accountable as to why so many of us English Citizens have become apathertic about News in this Great Country of ours, i gave up hope many years ago, that they would change that is, and the recent news from Tottenham makes me feel even more convinced that i would be better off leaving this country for more civilised climes. Kind Regards, Danny PS, AMERICA? i didnt
  7. Hi Zeppy, glad you're back on. Newspapers are like toilet rolls, when you need to wipe your arse they are invaluable, but as for news? i would rather use other mediums, i have survived buying newspapers for 30 years (More actually) and i cannot see me buying one sometime soon, not sorry either. Kind Regards, Danny PS, Come on the Wolves.
  8. Hi Silver, Its about time the rich stopped marrying, you would have thought they were more intelligent than that wouldn't you? My own Misses is the most beautiful person i have ever known both inside as well as outside and would never do me wrong, so i think i/she picked right. Kind Regards, Danny
  9. Thanks Jabe, but LITTLEDAN is Leo's Dad, i wanted to call Leo, BABYDAN the THIRD, but i was overuled, but Leo is just fine. LITTLEDAN is a BIG Led Zeppelin Fan and i have no doubt BABYDAN the THIRD aka Leo will be a Big Fan as well, even if i have to leave my entire Led Zeppelin collection to him to make sure. Kind Regards, Danny
  10. Hi Slave, Thought this might interest you. http://www.greatdreams.com/2012.htm Kind Regards, Danny
  11. PST, it WAS a secret, now its outta the bag. but dont let that worry you. Thanks for saying, Leo is keeping Kate and Cathy (step Gran) awake all night, and i'm back home worrying. Kind Regards, Danny PS, Cheers Ally and all for you're thoughts, Baby Leonidas roars like a Lion and poo's like an Elephant, i want to put a piece in plastic and wear it like a necklace but Kate isnt so sure.
  12. Heather Mills accuses the Mirror of phone hacking. http://news.sky.com/...rticle/16043342 Heather Mills has claimed that a top Mirror Group journalist admitted hacking her phone while she was in a relationship with Sir Paul McCartney, blowing open the scandal that until now has involved just News of the World. Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills arrive at a party in New York in 2001 In 2001 the former Beatles songwriter left a message for his then-girlfriend on her mobile, and later that day the journalist allegedly called up Miss Mills and quoted fr
  13. Jealous? Me? Never. Regards, Danny
  14. Might be the lack of Sunshine you suffer from in Scotland. Regards, Danny
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