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  1. Hey Dan what about those swansong office pictures? Would love to see them

  3. Hi Brad, you talking to me? Kind Regards, Danny
  4. Thanks Jabe, but LITTLEDAN is Leo's Dad, i wanted to call Leo, BABYDAN the THIRD, but i was overuled, but Leo is just fine. LITTLEDAN is a BIG Led Zeppelin Fan and i have no doubt BABYDAN the THIRD aka Leo will be a Big Fan as well, even if i have to leave my entire Led Zeppelin collection to him to make sure. Kind Regards, Danny
  5. PST, it WAS a secret, now its outta the bag. but dont let that worry you. Thanks for saying, Leo is keeping Kate and Cathy (step Gran) awake all night, and i'm back home worrying. Kind Regards, Danny PS, Cheers Ally and all for you're thoughts, Baby Leonidas roars like a Lion and poo's like an Elephant, i want to put a piece in plastic and wear it like a necklace but Kate isnt so sure.
  6. Mine too Fool, what a coincidence hey? Kind Regards, Danny
  7. And so say all of us, Happy Birthday mate. Regards, Danny
  8. Does it really matter Walter? Regards, Danny
  9. I always though about a Thai wife, but i didnt want to Thai myself down, but then again she might want to Thai me up, or maybe i should just shut up and say Ta Thai, I can seriously upset people in ONE language, if there are people that cant understand me then LEARN ENGLISH and i'll upset you as well. Private Schools my arse, i'll have your dinner money and your crayons off you in a flash mate you snotty nosed wannabe gangster you. And now i'm all laughed out i'm gonna have a knap, so pick the bones outta one that mate. Kind Regards, Danny Thank you France for? er? not pissing in the ENGLISH CHANNEL too much. Ahhh now my sides are hurting with all this laughter.
  10. I did in 1983, nice tart really. Regards, Danny
  11. I like the pic of Cromwell, another boyhood hero of mine, beatbo put me on to this book. I know i'm gonna enjoy it. Very Kind Regards, Danny
  12. Just being you, and the fact you gave someone your address might have helped. Now as for me being witty, well i know i'm not to most peoples taste and my Mother In Law used to say "If wit was shit you'd be constipated" so i take it as a honour that you think so highly of mine, i am legendary in my own household and my youngest son once said he wished i was one of his friends, when i enquired why he said because i make him laugh so much. But was he laughing with me or at me? i havent worked that one out yet. I hope, no i know it will be a good read. Very Kind Regards, Danny
  13. You are incredibily lucky Kiwi, and so is she, why you may ask? because you are both friends of BIGDAN the Magnificent. Now back to reality, what a wonderful gift from and to a wonderful person, i'm very envious and i dont normaly do envy, enjoy. Kind Regards, Danny
  14. Watching my dog Bullet frolic in the summer heat, ahhh.
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