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  2. Hi Brad, you talking to me? Kind Regards, Danny
  3. Thanks Jabe, but LITTLEDAN is Leo's Dad, i wanted to call Leo, BABYDAN the THIRD, but i was overuled, but Leo is just fine. LITTLEDAN is a BIG Led Zeppelin Fan and i have no doubt BABYDAN the THIRD aka Leo will be a Big Fan as well, even if i have to leave my entire Led Zeppelin collection to him to make sure. Kind Regards, Danny
  4. PST, it WAS a secret, now its outta the bag. but dont let that worry you. Thanks for saying, Leo is keeping Kate and Cathy (step Gran) awake all night, and i'm back home worrying. Kind Regards, Danny PS, Cheers Ally and all for you're thoughts, Baby Leonidas roars like a Lion and poo's like an Elephant, i want to put a piece in plastic and wear it like a necklace but Kate isnt so sure.
  5. Mine too Fool, what a coincidence hey? Kind Regards, Danny
  6. And so say all of us, Happy Birthday mate. Regards, Danny
  7. Does it really matter Walter? Regards, Danny
  8. I always though about a Thai wife, but i didnt want to Thai myself down, but then again she might want to Thai me up, or maybe i should just shut up and say Ta Thai, I can seriously upset people in ONE language, if there are people that cant understand me then LEARN ENGLISH and i'll upset you as well. Private Schools my arse, i'll have your dinner money and your crayons off you in a flash mate you snotty nosed wannabe gangster you. And now i'm all laughed out i'm gonna have a knap, so pick the bones outta one that mate. Kind Regards, Danny Thank you France for? er? not pissing in the ENGLISH CHANNEL too much. Ahhh now my sides are hurting with all this laughter.
  9. I did in 1983, nice tart really. Regards, Danny
  10. I like the pic of Cromwell, another boyhood hero of mine, beatbo put me on to this book. I know i'm gonna enjoy it. Very Kind Regards, Danny
  11. Just being you, and the fact you gave someone your address might have helped. Now as for me being witty, well i know i'm not to most peoples taste and my Mother In Law used to say "If wit was shit you'd be constipated" so i take it as a honour that you think so highly of mine, i am legendary in my own household and my youngest son once said he wished i was one of his friends, when i enquired why he said because i make him laugh so much. But was he laughing with me or at me? i havent worked that one out yet. I hope, no i know it will be a good read. Very Kind Regards, Danny
  12. You are incredibily lucky Kiwi, and so is she, why you may ask? because you are both friends of BIGDAN the Magnificent. Now back to reality, what a wonderful gift from and to a wonderful person, i'm very envious and i dont normaly do envy, enjoy. Kind Regards, Danny
  13. Watching my dog Bullet frolic in the summer heat, ahhh.
  14. BIGDAN

    Oh CANADA!

    Hi Bouillon, No work for my 2 sons on the farm, my wife and her dad have been laid off, why you may ask? because the farmer has to find work for his 30 or so Eastern European so called Students (thats a joke, most are no even students) who are under contract, i cant wait for the next ice age to cover England then we'll only have to worry about the Eskimos comming over for our jobs. Kind Regards, Danny
  15. Hi Patrycja, Over here in Greenwich its a high of 18C and probably with some rain so i cant do any work outside. Kind Regards, Danny
  16. Bravo for being honest Jahfin. French Sticks. Onions and Onion Soup. La Femme Armpit Hair. Regards, Danny
  17. I once heard Robert Plant say on a Bootleg that "Slade" were the worst band in the world. Regards, Danny
  18. Funny Jabe, i never even noticed that. Regards, Danny PS, The nipple does it for me every time though.
  19. BIGDAN

    Oh CANADA!

    Thanks Silver, I was just looking at The Devil's Brigade's Record, very interesting and infact it was enshrined in a movie entitled The Devil's Brigade it is a 1968 film starring William Holden, Cliff Robertson, and Vince Edwards, focusing on the Force's training and deployment to Italy. I dont remember seeing this film so i will try to get it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Devil%27s_Brigade_%28film%29 This was a truly great unit, and i would think it would rank alongside the SAS in its performance wouldnt you? its attrition rate of 600% means that it replaced itself 6 times, thats 10,800 casualties in little over a year, a truly amasing record. Kind Regards, Danny France, 1944 On 14 August 1944, the 1st SSF landed on the islands of Port Cros and Îles d'Hyères during Operation Dragoon, the invasion of southern France. They fought the small Battle of Port Cros in which they captured the five forts on the islands from the German Army. Nine men were killed in action or died of wounds received in combat. On 22 August it was attached to the 1st Airborne Task Force, a provisional Seventh Army airborne division, and later made part of the Task Force. On 7 September it moved with the 1st Airborne Task Force to defensive positions on the Franco-Italian border. During the war the 1,800-man unit accounted for some 12,000 German casualties, captured some 7,000 prisoners, and sustained an attrition rate of over 600%.
  20. BIGDAN

    Oh CANADA!

    Sorry Ally, But i cant find any info that Canadians fought at Anzio. Allied Armies in Italy C-in-C: General Sir Harold Alexander U.S. Fifth Army Commander: Lieutenant-General Mark Wayne Clark U.S. VI Corps Major-General John P. Lucas (until February 23)Major-General Lucian K. Truscott (from February 23) Deputy commander: Major-General Lucian K. Truscott (from 16 February to February 23)Deputy commander: Major-General Vyvyan Evelegh (from 16 February to 18 March) U.S. 3rd Infantry Division (Major-General Lucian K. Truscott until February 23 then Brigadier John W. O'Daniel) until 25 May 1944British 1st Infantry Division (Major-General William R. C. Penney)U.S. 45th Infantry Division (Major-General William W. Eagles)U.S. 1st Armored Division (Major-General Ernest N. Harmon)British 56th Infantry Division (Major-General Gerald Templer) (from mid- February 1944 until mid-March 1944)U.S. 34th Infantry Division (Major-General Charles W. Ryder) (from March 1944)U.S. 36th Infantry Division (Major-General Fred Walker) (from April 1944)British 5th Infantry Division (Major-General Philip G.S. Gregson-Ellis) from March 1944) First Special Service Force (3 regiments; from early February)6615th Ranger Force (1st, 3rd and 4th battalions, 83rd Chemical Battalion and U.S. 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion)U.S. 504th Parachute Infantry RegimentBritish 2nd Special Service Brigade (9 and 43 British Commandos) U.S. II Corps (from 25 May 1944) Major-General Geoffrey Keyes U.S. 88th Infantry Division (Major-General John E. SloanU.S. 85th Infantry Division (Major-General John B. Coulter)U.S. 3rd Infantry Division (Brigadier John W. O'Daniel) http://en.wikipedia....order_of_battle And here on another forum it is also discussed. http://forums.army.c...p?topic=17959.0 Unless you are refering to the "Devils Brigade" officially the 1st Special Service Force, being disbanded in December 1944. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devil%27s_Brigade Very Kind Regards, Danny
  21. BIGDAN

    Oh CANADA!

    Always a pleasure mate. Very Kind Regards, Danny
  22. BIGDAN

    Oh CANADA!

    There you go Ally. Very Kind Regards, Danny Allied order of battle D-day assault routes into Normandy The order of battle for the landings was approximately as follows, east to west: British Second Army 6th Airborne Division Commanded by Major-General R.N. Gale was delivered by parachute and glider to the east of the River Orne to protect the left flank. The division contained 7,900 men, including one Canadian battalion.[11] Sword Beach 1st Special Service Brigade comprising No. 3, No. 4, No. 6 and No. 45 (RM) Commandos landed at Ouistreham in Queen Red sector (leftmost). No.4 Commando were augmented by 1 and 8 Troop (both French) of No. 10 (Inter Allied) Commando.I Corps, 3rd Infantry Division and the 27th Armoured Brigade from Ouistreham to Lion-sur-Mer.No. 41 (RM) Commando (part of 4th Special Service Brigade) landed on the far West of Sword Beach.[12] Juno Beach 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade and No.48 (RM) Commando from Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer to Courseulles-sur-Mer.[11]No. 46 (RM) Commando (part of 4th Special Service Brigade) at Juno to scale the cliffs on the left side of the Orne River estuary and destroy a battery. (Battery fire proved negligible so No.46 were kept off-shore as a floating reserve and landed on D+1). Gold Beach XXX Corps, 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division and 8th Armoured Brigade, consisting of 25,000.[13] from Courseulles to Arromanches.No. 47 (RM) Commando (part of 4th Special Service Brigade) on the West flank of Gold beach. 79th Armoured Division operated specialist armour ("Hobart's Funnies") for mine-clearing, recovery and assault tasks. These were distributed around the Anglo-Canadian beaches. Overall, the 2nd Army contingent consisted of 83,115 troops (61,715 of them British).[11] In addition to the British and Canadian combat units, eight Australian officers were attached to the British forces as observers.[14] The nominally British air and naval support units included a large number of crew from Allied nations, including several RAF squadrons manned almost exclusively by foreign air-crew. U.S. First Army Omaha Beach V Corps, 1st Infantry Division and 29th Infantry Division making up 34,250 troops from Sainte-Honorine-des-Pertes to Vierville-sur-Mer.[11][15]2nd and 5th Ranger Battalions at Pointe du Hoc (The 5th BN and A, B, C Co 2nd BN diverted to Omaha).[15] Utah Beach VII Corps, 4th Infantry Division and the 359th RCT of the 90th Infantry Division comprising 23,250 men landing, around Pouppeville and La Madeleine.[15] 101st Airborne Division by parachute around Vierville to support Utah Beach landings.[15]82nd Airborne Division by parachute around Sainte-Mère-Église, protecting the right flank. They had originally been tasked with dropping further west, in the middle part of the Cotentin, allowing the sea-landing forces to their east easier access across the peninsula, and preventing the Germans from reinforcing the north part of the peninsula. The plans were later changed to move them much closer to the beachhead, as at the last minute the German 91st Air Landing Division was determined to be in the area.[15][16] In total, the First Army contingent totalled approximately 73,000 men, including 15,600 from the airborne divisions.[11]
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