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  1. Which would proclude him from receiving a writing credit from Atlantic for the length of the contract. Are you trying to claim it isn't germaine to the subject? Semantics it may be, but you said as A lyricist, not THE lyricist. If that's what you meant, why the hell did you get your knickers in a twist when I said it was highly dubious that it was his first lyrical contribution to the band? As far as stage ad libs not being writing Bong Man, would you say the same for the riffs Jimmy discovered ad libbing on stage? Whole Lotta Love was only one of those. There is more than one w
  2. Quote from Wikipedia Robert Plant Entry: Plant and Page immediately hit it off with a shared musical passion and after Plant joined the band, they began their writing collaboration with reworkings of earlier blues songs, although Plant would receive no songwriting credits on the band's first album, allegedly because he was still under contract to CBS Records at the time. Article sitations: ^ Led Zeppelin In Their Own Words compiled by Paul Kendall (1981), London: Omnibus Press. ISBN 0-86001-932-2, p. 14. ^ Dave Lewis and Simon Pallett (1997) Led Zeppelin: The Concert File, London: O
  3. I'm not sure why I should, considering the disprespectful way you've treated me in this thread. But why not? You're on the losing end of this one. I'm well aware that a quote exists from Jimmy Page that 'Thank You' was the first song Robert wrote all the way through by himself. But that's not what you're trying to claim, you say that 'Thank You' was Robert's first attempt as a lyricist for Led Zeppelin, which would imply that Robert made no contribution to the lyrics of Led Zeppelin I. For what it's worth, the story about Robert being under contract to CBS is all over the web,
  4. Plant received no songwriting credits on Led Zeppelin I because of contractual obligations to CBS, but to claim that he had no involvement in the lyrics prior to 'Thank You' is highly dubious at best.
  5. If someone earns a Hitler comparison, I say give it to them.
  6. Knebby: If you truly visit this forum, Zep members, get your asses to Wembley. Not so I can see the show. So I can see Levee swing naked from the gates of Buckingham Palace.
  7. I'm just glad to know it exists. As we now know from the release of the long rumored EC footage, f it exists, there's a good chance it will come out some day. In a way, I hope it comes out unofficially; because if "the editing remains the same", Jimmy will edit out every Beatles snippet, and "Where's Bonham?".
  8. Good to see you too, sir! You're probably right, highlights in a HTWWW type set does sound more like Jimmy. (HTEWW?) But from the sound of things, Jimmy would never release it. Morbidly, I think we might have to wait until Jimmy is no longer in charge of Zeppelin. UNLESS it's all a smokescreen and the tapes are excellent. Maybe the tapes weren't too bad to give to the Japanese subsidiary label, but too good. In my mind, there isn't much better live zep than Japan '71. I could see Jimmy wanting to keep "Live In Japan" in his holster for one more round of DVD/HTWWW style madness.
  9. Some of the Japanese shows were recorded at the insistence of Atlantic's Japanese Warner Pioneer Label. Grant recalls: "There was this six track transistorized board. Jimmy was a bit worried about this, so the deal I made was that they could record if we could have the tapes and take them back to England and approve it. So Jimmy listened to them and found them to be terrible. So he took the tapes back and wiped over them and used them again. So it was goodby 'Live in Japan'. Page did in fact rediscover some of these tapes when researching their tape archive in 1997, but they were not
  10. That was the word for many years, Peter Grant even recounted that in an interview and said "so it was goodbye, Live in Japan". But, in his new version of "A Concert File", Dave Lewis confirms that the tapes exist and were reviewed for the HTWWW/DVD project and rejected. I'll post a quote tonight . . .
  11. MS1

    So it's come to this. If there's any justice, they wont go through with it. You've always been a credit to this site. And in case anyone is reading, this is an UNSOLICITED compliment.

  12. Courage at a pinch! Something Tookish woke up inside you that day, Bilbo. If there's any justice in the world it won't be forever.

  13. So far as I know, there isn't even rumor that pro shot footage exists of these shows. However, there is multitrack audio of Japan, I feel like Jimmy may be saving that for one of his last big bang releases, hard to imagine a Led Zeppelin live release that could top Live In Japan 1971. And as far as footage goes, Bath '70 is out there, and that has the potential to be the best footage of the band that exists. Fingers crossed!
  14. I agree. Knebby is extremely judicious about the way she doles out inside info on this site. She does not behave like someone who is trying to make the most out of a personal connection. Rather than make post after post about how inside she is, it's my strong impression that Knebby refers to her inside info only when some person's wayward post (being kind and not saying bullshit post) compels her to speak up, when she can't stand to see thoughtless untruths go uncorrected. I think she handles it quite well, and if others didn't think so you can bet she'd stop being an insider real quick.
  15. I used to argue with Knebby in the early days about Robert having mixed feelings about Led Zeppelin due to the way he used to talk about Zeppelin in the press. And I even though I'm not entirely ready to let that theory go, I think I understand where he was coming from now that I have seen firsthand the maelstrom of speculation and rumor that come with the band reforming. My god! Whatever he may have personally felt, Plant must have had no choice but to tell people that Zeppelin was dead, dead, dead just to get a moment's peace and to have someone take his solo career seriously for five sec
  16. One time I accidentally left a roll of film on my dresser when I left to go back to college after spending the summer at home. My parents developed it, and there were a few pictures of me making stupid faces with my friend Steve after we had acquired a little green bag. And actually, it wasn't so little.
  17. Matt, I agree with you on season 3-6 but disagree on the MVP. I say Season 4 gets the crown. Episodes that make my top ten in bold: 60 - 1 "Kamp Krusty" Bart and Lisa go to Kamp Krusty for the summer. However, their promises of a fun summer at Kamp Krusty are broken when the director of the camp, Mr. Black is revealed to be a ferocious accountant. Meanwhile, Homer is rejuvinated with the kids gone and even begins to regain his hair and lose weight. All of the kids at the camp are treated horribly and Bart survives by clinging to the promise that Krusty himself will soon arrive. How
  18. Is that photo real? Is he that close, in the belly of the beast? Surprises me, then, that he didn't have better answers for some of my accusations against Mitt.
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    Oh, and hey! "Constantly drunk intellectual"? Criticism of him . . . or your personal prescription for success? I've always liked your sigs and avis, BTW.
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    I feel a kinship to that quote just at the moment.
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    Knebby, your avi is awesome. I'd never been aware of that particular picture before I saw it. I miss StringBender's little guru saying "I, Stringbender, am an ILLUSION!"
  22. The fact of the matter is that Plant has always, ALWAYS gone for notes in the studio that he couldn't reproduce live, then or now. Only a handful of live versions of STH, RnR, Black Dog, Over The Hills, etc. even approach the notes he hit in the studio. And so it is completely unrealistic to expect him to hit those notes now that he couldn't hit 35 years ago. But so what? This isn't the high note Olympics. Lynyrd Skynyrd had a policy of not putting anything on a record that they couldn't reproduce live every night of a tour, and this shows us the wisdom of that approach. But can you
  23. I also remember you! Welcome back!
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    Another round for hobbits! Percy likes hobbits, you know.
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    Seeing a friend get muzzled for respectfully dissenting.
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