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  1. Thanks, Herm. I'm proud of that post. I did NOT go digging for it, I merely waited for what I said would happen. Dig a little deeper and you'll find that I spent this entire thread pointing out that "Multiple Choice" Mitt Romney is a panderer of the first order. And what do you know? The conservative voters who were supposed to buy his newly minted conservative stance voted for Huckabee and the moderates he was supposed to command based on his successful gubernatorial campaign voted for McCain. First he hates McCain, and now . . . he loves him. From Abortion to Gay Rights, there's no issue big or small that Romney can't flip on. I hope all you respected members on the right side of the aisle will continue to see through his bullshit.
  2. MS1

    the FOOTBALL thread

    This isn't over yet. Pats fans here are accusing Specter of sour grapes over the Eagles loss, but there's way too much smoke here for there not to be a fire. What a shocking turn of events, though- just a few scant weeks ago there was talk that this team was the G.O.A.T.- and now not only has the GOAT talk evaporated, but everything they've done is on the verge of being tainted.
  3. Even though I could never believe in it except in the loosest sort of way, the Bible is pretty damn good at times. I do think that "The Love You Take Equal To The Love You Make" is not so much a statement of fact as an instructive, a proposed course of action. It's really nothing but a restatement of the Golden Rule; treat people the way you want to be treated = love the way you want to be loved.
  4. Yes!!! The Beatles chose their final statement with care.
  5. Granted, to a certain extent. But the solution is reform, not privatization. Privatization in education? That will mean that the poorest of communities will not have schools that reflect their values; Republicans want the poor kids to come to private schools and learn conservative values, fancy that. Privatization of Social Security? W came knocking with that one straight out of the gate and NO ONE was answering. Privatization of Health care? It works in Canada and Europe, why not here? The roads are pretty good where I live, which happens to be bluest state in the Union. Continue if you like, but you'll never convince me that public service will be better when dollars are the bottom line instead of people.
  6. Oh you're right, laissez faire capitalism and plutocracy is so much better. Privatize everything, privatizing ALWAYS provides the best in service, just ask the Californians about their privatized energy! Well, if you can get one on the phone between rolling blackouts anyway. Conservatives are still drinking the kool-aid about privatization. This country will be a lot better off when it realizes that public service is most often better performed when the service itself is the motivation and not profit margin. And one more thing: there's not a republican president since Lincoln fit to tighten the screw on FDR's wheelchair.
  7. I've noticed that TUledWho has been conspicuously absent lately in this thread that he started. Could it be that he regrets a few of his bold predictions regarding "Multiple Choice Mitt"?
  8. Procrastinator How does rain on a window make you feel, and how does thunder and lightning make you feel?
  9. Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter chunks. If you could do the Freaky Friday thing and change bodies with one person for a week, who would it be?
  10. Tough one. I'll say Thanksgiving with all the trimmings. If you had to drink only one beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  11. You should be impeached. :P

  12. Since you answered your own question, I'll just re-ask mine. If a genie appeared before you and said "I will make your wildest dreams come true: choose three celebrities- one to have a passionate affair with, one to marry, and one to have beaten by clowns", who would you choose?
  13. I thought so! Congratulations!
  14. He couldn't hurt! Gonna ask one that I like to ask. If a genie appeared before you and said "I will make your wildest dreams come true: choose three celebrities- one to have a passionate affair with, one to marry, and one to have beaten by clowns", who would you choose?
  15. Otto, she looks familiar! Did you two meet on the board?
  16. Might want to start icin' 'em down, boys. BTW, make mine Guiness, cans not bottles.
  17. . . . Captain Kangaroo. Unfortunately, Captain Kangaroo used his marsupial death grip on Brian and Stewie (and Chuck Norris too, while he was at it. Chuck begged for death before the end.) Leaving poor Strider to wander the streets, dreaming of revenge on the Captain. Suddenly, a man in a dark suit stepped out under a street lamp and gestured to Strider, saying . . .
  18. I like quite a few of them very much. I love asparagus, broccoli, spinach. But what I crave and what I tend to seek out is carbs and protein. Particularly carbs. Not good for you! I'm tempted by the Carribean or South America, but if we are talking a decade, I'd make it Europe. Do you carry a lucky charm or totem, and if so, what is it?
  19. I have so many answers for yours, Mandy. But today, I think I'll fall in love with vegatables. If I looked forward to salad with anything better than depression it would be revolution in my life. Or maybe stop procratinating. But I might put that off for a while. As for yours, Kat . . . yes I have cross dressed. Strictly for the theater of course. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. If you were given a mobile home and a lifetime supply of free gas, where would you go?
  20. Even though you answered your own question, I'm going to give a different answer: you are GOD. Strictly in terms of the question, don't get any grandiose ideas. Have you ever been attracted to someone so much that it made you do stupid things, and if so, what was the stupidest thing you did?
  21. Here this, newbie punks: LED ZEPPELIN OWES YOU NOTHING. When have they ever defaulted your entertainment dollar? That's right, every dollar you ever spent on Led Zeppelin was rewarded with the very best rock has to offer, and so it was an even exchange at the very least. If anything, YOU owe THEM loyalty, respect, and apprectiation for the countless hours of brilliant music they have given you. If you think Led Zeppelin owes you a tour, I owe you a boot to the ass.
  22. MS1

    Happy New Year.

    If there are a finite number of solutions, then yes! The problem is not the solutions people are offering you, but the lack of effort or even consideration that you are willing to apply to them. There is no way to cheat at love or mixed martial arts- if you fail, either give up or try harder.
  23. MS1

    the FOOTBALL thread

    That's funny, the skins were my second team, too! My dad grew up in Washington, DC so I had lots of family there rooting for the 'skins, including my grandparents. So I had rooted for them in the previous 'bowl, skins over fins. I felt a lot of conflict over that superbowl, but in the end I could only make one choice. Millen was a great linebacker- but someone flipped the script, a great emotional linebacker becomes a coach, not a GM. Hoping for a happy ending to that mess, Matt.
  24. MS1

    Happy New Year.

    Expecting miracles would be expecting a solution other than eating less, excercise, or lipo. Hoping for something else is what's unrealistic. There is no other way, and if there was we'd already be paying $50.00 a bottle for it. It's the same with your romantic troubles. Everyone give you advice and you ignore it all as unrealistic. Kat said it best, it's the world that's crazy, you really are Napolean.
  25. I do. Gabriel Garcia Marquez had a lot to do with convincing me of that. Do you believe in ghosts?
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