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  1. "in LAX yesterday returning home" That means he's HERE and he calls it HOME!!!! I should find out where he is!!!
  2. Aw! James and Jimmy are both so calm and collected. Like father, like son
  3. That beach picture is most definitely Daltrey. (You can tell from the nose and side-burns)
  4. He looks more like Wavy Gravy to me (I remember his face from the Woodstock DVD)
  5. Wow!! I just got back from a break but happy belated birthdays to Pagette and aen!! ^That's the biggest picture I've ever seen of James Sr.
  6. I'm gone for a week and I come back to everyone's gorgeous photos!! :')
  7. This is probably the most adorable thing I've ever seen!! He actually looks like a lion :3
  8. I love how William and Jimmy are dressed similarly. They were both very elegant and classy but still had pops of color and expression to add quirk
  9. Confirmed by Elisabeth that the guy on the right is Stephen Davis!
  10. Can't be, Magnet had that long hair and mustache, kind of like Derek Smalls in This Is Spinal Tap
  11. jayceeporter


    Finally, a thread I can relate with!
  12. Who are these blokes with Percy?
  13. Something I made last year for tumblr, but it applies to my fellow Pagettes!
  14. Does anyone know who/why that woman was onstage in the mask with the fan? I think there's another picture somewhere of her on Bonzo's shoulders!
  15. Couldn't have said it better myself
  16. I've got one that will absolutely kill you all!
  17. I know this is the "cute pics of Jimmy" thread but Jim McCarty looks really handsome here!
  18. He always looks like he's pouting
  19. Isn't it awful when a man makes a prettier woman than you do! Robert's got that in the bag!
  20. This was taken in Los Angeles at a park in 1977 by Brad Elterman. It's actually a park near my house - which is why I researched the details of the picture so much! I asked Brad about the information and he said he was tipped off that Robert was playing soccer at a park in Encino just for fun, and he had to go over and snap some pictures. Robert was just running around in the speedo and he was apparently very angry when he noticed Brad took the pictures - he chased him away
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