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  1. Tangerine Rover How Many More Times Of course, their set list was pretty freakin' amazing and they did play Ramble On and For Your Life, which were both awsome.
  2. I'm flying in from Ohio, by myself, and staying at the St. Christopher's Inn Hostel in Greenwich. The pictures of it look really nice and clean, and it is cheap. Check on hostelbookers.com and you can see availability and stuff. The one I'm staying at is in walking distance to the O2. If you decide to stay there, let me know, and we can blunder around together since I've never been to London before.
  3. I think Rock and Roll could be it, but I can see them opening with Good Times, and then following it with Rock and Roll. It might be easier for them to get warmed up with Good Times first. Yep, my moneys on Good Times, Bad Times.
  4. I read in a recent interview that they will play For Your LIfe, for the first time ever live. I really hope they play Since I've Been Loving You, and Tangerine would be sweet also. Someone said they will be playing Rover, which would rock cause that songs awsome. Ramble On would kick ass too.
  5. Ifigure on getting my ticket and wristband early, like you. I'm staying in Greenwich and thinking about going to the Zeppelin party thats being held there. I've never been to England before, and this little party sounds cool. The pub looks nice in the pictures. It's the best thing i've heard so far, and if nothing else, it'd be a good place to start the night at. And then go from there.
  6. I got myself a ticket and I am going by myself. I'm flying out of Ohio, and arriving on Saturday, the 8th in the morning. I'm staying in Greenwich at a hostel. Is anyone else staying there? Possibly anyone that knows a little about London. I've never been there, but I'm excited to go.
  7. What airport are you arriving at? I'm coming into Gatwick airport at 8:40am, and then taking a train North into Greenwhich.
  8. Hi, I'm coming from Ohio, and I'm flying out of Columbus on the 7th, and arriving early morning on the 8th. I'm staying at a hostel in Greenwhich. Is anyone else staying in Greenwhich? Let me know. Cool.
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