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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. thanks for the message..glad you liked my profle!

  3. Hi Carrots. Nice profile. :)

  4. ^^ that picture looks like a genuine ad! it doesnt look out of place on the building. it would make a cool canvas picture to hang at home... love it!!
  5. OMG!!!! someone throw a bucket of water at me cos I`m thinking nothing but filth at the moment looking at Robert !! LOL
  6. Carrieanna31!! That moving signature of Jimmy is really mesmerizing! (Sorry robert!!! )
  7. You could have used Mr Wonkas first name on his t shirt!!! LOL that would be more appropriate for Mr Plant! P.S Lovin your`re work!!!
  8. awww bless! its amazing to think that in a few years time that liitle school boy would turn into the robert that we know & love!
  9. thats got to be in my top ten (hundred! ) favourite Robert pics Thank you Otto...your`re a star
  10. Welcome Ethereal Maiden! i had a look at the piccys...very nice! the one about the rolled up sock made me laugh! and i noticed you have the one of Robert climbing out of the pool
  11. i knew i shpuld have been somewhere else last night........ I should have been waiting outside the Royal Opera house for Robert,Jimmy and JP...instead of watching Big Brother!!!
  12. carrots1969

    GQ Awards

    oh rowhooks!!!! should have checked in earlier!! could have taken a wee trip to the awards...for a bit of star spotting
  13. exactly! if they think the lyrics to W L L are naughty...what would they make of lemon song,trampled under foot or custard pie!
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