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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. thanks for the message..glad you liked my profle!

  3. Hi Carrots. Nice profile. :)

  4. ^^ that picture looks like a genuine ad! it doesnt look out of place on the building. it would make a cool canvas picture to hang at home... love it!!
  5. OMG!!!! someone throw a bucket of water at me cos I`m thinking nothing but filth at the moment looking at Robert !! LOL
  6. Carrieanna31!! That moving signature of Jimmy is really mesmerizing! (Sorry robert!!! )
  7. thats got to be in my top ten (hundred! ) favourite Robert pics Thank you Otto...your`re a star
  8. Welcome Ethereal Maiden! i had a look at the piccys...very nice! the one about the rolled up sock made me laugh! and i noticed you have the one of Robert climbing out of the pool
  9. i knew i shpuld have been somewhere else last night........ I should have been waiting outside the Royal Opera house for Robert,Jimmy and JP...instead of watching Big Brother!!!
  10. that looks like jimmy...not robert
  11. this picture has been air-brushed!! they`ve air brushed me out!!!!...i was there!!!!.....hanging on to his ankles...being dragged across the grass.....drooling!!!
  12. and finally..... oh Robert! you big tease! put it away!! that was a joke...keep doing what you do, Percy!
  13. Im not sure if any of these have been posted before I bet jason doesnt sit on roberts lap now!! WARNING!!! NEXT PICTURE MAY CAUSE EXTREME DROOLING! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
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