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  1. @Ross 62 and kenog - Thanks for the kind words. @Steve Jones - Jaw dropping footage. Never seen that before. Absolutely incredible. Thanks for the kind words also.
  2. Here are some pics of Old Hyde Farm as it is today. You can see the long road that John and Pat ran up in TSRTS now lined with thirty foot high trees. Sheep and cows are milling about on the property. It still looks very much like a working farm. Testament to JB's unassuming nature. Note, we were very respectful. Snapped some shots and were on our way. Also, some pics of Bonham's headstone and headstone artifacts. I was awestruck at the surreal quality of the little town and churchyard, like something out of Hansel and Gretel. The tombstones that litter the churchyard are hundreds of years old and found them just as interesting to observe. I also went inside the Rushock church. Seeing how I always saw this amazing building in the background of all of those grave pics throughout the years and wondered what it looked like in there. Inside, I was shocked to find a beautiful pipe organ, and, low and behind, there was the book Pat signed on the 25th anniversary of John's death! It's visible in one of the photos. It was hard to imagine that little church as the epicenter of rock 'n roll on the day of his service there. Assuming that's where they held his service. That tiny place packed with likes of Page, Plant, Jonesy, possibly members of the Stones, Beatles and other bands. One other interesting thing, there was also a big angry looking red bull (pictured) that stood there staring at us like we were trespassing. Something about him reminded me of Bonham. The whole day there was surreal and one I'll never forget.
  3. I'm currently working on a film at Shepperton and wanted to take the opportunity, while here, to have a look at the soundstage where it was actually filmed. Does anyone have any information about that? The people at the studio don't even have any idea. Leading me to believe that knowledge may be lost forever.
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