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  1. We are looking forward to another stellar Bonzo Bash at NAMM 2014! See you all there!
  2. Rock Historian: Right???!!!??? Sheesh! Dallas Knebs: Bummer you couldn't vote ... wonder why? And no, Karen Carpenter was not on the list. Travis Barker has the young vote I guess but when looking for quality in a drummer, it's Bonzo every freakin' time I tell ya!
  3. http://kroq.cbslocal...me-kingofbeats/ <------ link to vote They’re literally the heartbeat of their bands, providing the rhythm that powers the music of bands from all genres. From the legendary stomp of late Led Zeppelin bash-master John Bonham to the intricate complexities displayed by Rush’s Neil Peart to the hip-hop-influenced punk beats of Travis Barker, the list of legendarily talented rock drummers is as varied as it is vast. In a musical world where DJs, drum machines and computer-generated beats continue to encroach on the realm of actual drummers, these trap-masters and the
  4. Rich, it was the MOST FUN I've ever had producing a show, hands down! Brian Tichy is a roller coaster of fun and ferocity, Joe Sutton the BEST to work with and to get to sit in 2 days of rehearsals with a line up of drummers and talent that had me fighting the urge to squeal like a schoolgirl as I watched/listened to them rehearse. To hear Carmine Appice asking people "I'm looking for Noelle, she told me her office would be up here," as he's walking down the hall towards my office (housed at the House of Blues for that night) was simply surreal and utterly WONDERFUL. This performance from Yael
  5. LOL Beck 6! Come do it at the next Bonzo Bash, you will be in a crowd of like minded Bonzonian Zep Heads! We are on a mission to turn Bonzo's Birthday Bash into the "St. Patrick's day of the 21st century" ... :::hic cup:::
  6. Patiently waiting for today's Zep history lesson! Hope it gets posted soon!
  7. Two thumbs, and four sticks up on this thread! Love it! I will keep you posted on any new Bonzo Bash info as we are in planning stages now. Our FB family is here for any Bonzonians in these here parts: https://www.facebook.com/BonzosBirthdayBash
  8. November 20th, S.U.N.'s debut record release party! Please say hi to me if you come out to this show! Discount tix available link included https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=HZmEVV6Mabevc1T7y8mJIvbces2LOkQNAyzYcgy8XgmArNXyZdMS6V3H2uS&dispatch=50a222a57771920b6a3d7b606239e4d529b525e0b7e69bf0224adecfb0124e9b61f737ba21b0819882a9058c69cf92dcdac469a145272506 https://www.facebook.com/events/381631008581897/?fref=ts
  9. You've got some GREAT shots in there alwizard! Thanks for posting! If they're also on Facebook it would be cool if you tagged Bonzo's-Birthday Bash!
  10. Aw, thanks Ross! We're lucky that Bonzonians are the coolest people on the planet and that is reflected in our FB community. I have so much fun and have learned so much while running Bonzo's-Birthday Bash. I assume you friended us? If not, you better! https://www.facebook.com/BonzosBirthdayBash
  11. Cool, thanks Beckenbauer 6! Funny thing is that I had a graphic artist friend (Brandon "Bonham" Katchel) add Bonham to the top of row 'cuz he wasn't on it at all and that was just WRONG to exclude him, wrong I tell ya! LOL ... Once Bonzo was on it I could then share this philosophy ... Bill Hicks on it was an added bonus indeed.
  12. GREAT! Thanks! I haven't looked back at May 31st 2012 but we did have Zoe Bonham attend (pregnant) and lead the Bonzonian audience in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday To You to her dad so if that qualifies, I hope it's there or that you'll add it if it's not. Long Live Bonzo! \m/^_^\m/
  13. https://www.facebook...&type=1
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