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    I have only been a Zeppelin lover for the past 12 years. It hit me later on in life for some reason, even though I was old enough to go to a concert of thiers in 1980. For some reason the magic of the music didn't hit me until I danced to The Immigrant Song one night when my husband played it at one of his gigs. After that I started on my Zeppelin quest, and discovered the rest of thier music, and I was HOOKED. The rest is history. That's how I ended up here!

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  1. Hi Evster, I was just wanting to let you know that quite a lot of us at PZ still miss you, and that I am still really bummed out about how horribly the whole T-shirt situation went. I often wonder if you and Angi are doing better, and really hope that you are. I still wish to this day that the entire incident had never taken place. Good luck with everything and I sure hope that life is treatin

  2. Hi Debbie,i am dodge from the uk,and i thought i would say hello if thats ok.I am 48 years old and have been a zep fan for 35 years.I have been lucky enough to have seen them twice both times in the early seventies in England.I am new to the forum and am still finding my way around and am still awaiting my first reply.So maybe you could be my first.Heres hoping.

  3. Making an appointment to get new carpet in 2 more rooms of the house.
  4. 42, but only been a fan for about 13 years now. I was a late Zeppelin bloomer.
  5. I'm finally going to go and see my 85 year old Grandmother tomorrow for the first time since last spring. We used to be very close when I was young, so I am looking forward to seeing her.
  6. Nice to see you BRspled, and great to see Aqua too! This is Debbie from PZ. You two look great as usual.
  7. My husband's Grandfather coming back to life after he had died for a few moments!
  8. The smiles and innocent joy of my 2 Grandchildren.
  9. I haven't been practising the Hatha Yoga near as much as I should be lately. Good for you Scratch. I am so frustrated with my life partner these days, that I just cannot believe that I am still here with him after over 20 years. Sometimes he acts just like a little boy even though he has 2 boys of his own and he is 45 years old. I think that I just might have to leave after Christmas this year and get out of this house full of insanity for awhile at least. My life sucks right now!
  10. I have recently lost 32 pounds. Now I only have another 20 left to go.
  11. I hope the job search goes well, and that Ev gets a job soon. Hugs, Debbie

  12. I just LOVE this pic.! It is so beautiful!
  13. Thanks for all of the compliments, guys. They are very much appreciated! And Infidel, I think you look quite handsome in that pic!
  14. This pic is a couple years old, but I haven't got a new one yet, so it will have to do. Nice to see so many friends here.
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