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  1. Wow! It has been a while since I have seen or heard Lou. Here is a recent clip of him live, kind of sad.
  2. This is a show not to be missed. It is a once in a lifetime chance to see these two great singers perform together.
  3. It is also a fact that Page played a Fender Telecaster into a small amp on the studio version of STH. IMO, That tone and vibe could never be duplicated on stage.
  4. Great review! If this was Led Zeppelins Last Gig, They went out on the top of their game.
  5. IMO, Raising Sand is a great record, and Robert seems more comforable at his age singing this kind of music with AK, who is also one of the best singers in the business.
  6. It has been quite a few years now I think Jimmy is hoping Plant will come back and record new music with him. On the down side, it looks like Plant has other plans, that do not include Jimmy or a full fledged Led Zeppelin Reunion.
  7. Hopefully there will be more Led Zeppelin Gigs. The 02 gig was very good, but I think the guys in the band know it can only get better by playing together more, and doing more shows.
  8. Tell your friend that he should be very thankfull that he got to see the Greatest Rock Band Ever, one more time. Most of us were not able to get tickets.
  9. From the clips I have seen, Robert Plant was the gentlemen he has always been.
  10. Thanks for the link Steve, It looks like Lou has had some bad health problems, and is not up for going on the road/touring anymore. Hopefully Lou and Mick will get back together for a few more shows in the future.
  11. I don't think the feedback will be an issue. It was a great performence and should be released on DVD.
  12. Why is Lou Grahmm no longer in Foreigner? To me it's like Aerosmith without Steven Tyler.
  13. Do you know where I can find some of these live recordings?
  14. I agree with that. Another Masterpiece Studio Solo that Page never did note for note live, was SIBLY.
  15. Robert has the right to play whatever music, and when ever he wants to. I feel a bit sorry for Jimmy Page, because without Robert, he does not have that many options as far as recording and playing out live. Led Zeppelin was his baby.
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