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  1. I saw that one for the first time the other day and thought, Whoa, Bonzo in a bath robe....
  2. Aww, thanks. Yeah, that's thanks to my stupid phone.
  3. .....a grandfather with cool shades.
  4. The Cool Pics thread is gone, too.
  5. An old episode of the show "Thriller". Saw the classic episode "The Purple Room" last week which is arguably the best one.
  6. Interesting. Thanks for that info, Botswana.
  7. I love that second pic. I've never seen it before.
  8. Of course! Is that Noel Gallagher?
  9. Thank you, ladies for keeping up this thread. I haven't had time to lately.
  10. +1. Cool hair, Winni. All right, I'm going to be brave and post my pic. I took it with my phone, so the quality is crap, but here goes nothing.
  11. Oh, aen!! I love that last one! None of those I've seen before. Great pics! Edit: What is the timeframe of the last pic?
  12. I know, right? It doesn't even have anything to do with this thread. It would be pretty cool to own, though I must say.
  13. When this year is it supposed to be released, Walter?
  14. Here it is, April. I absolutely love this one. The use of "light and shade" make such an impact.
  15. ^^ His face there looks so funny.
  16. Does anybody know any details about her new album? I haven't been keeping up with it lately. I did read where she is going to sample some of Edith Piaf's songs on it. Should be interesting and I know she will once again top herself. Every album is greater than the last.
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