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  1. I saw that one for the first time the other day and thought, Whoa, Bonzo in a bath robe....
  2. Aww, thanks. Yeah, that's thanks to my stupid phone.
  3. The CD/DVD are set to come out on March 26th. I saw a bit of the footage from the DVD on public television last night and the acoustic versions of "Dust Bowl" and "Slow Train" are excellent. Looks like it's going to be really good. Can't wait for it to come out.
  4. Thanks for sharing, Cookie. When the issue comes out, I hope someone posts the interview/article here.
  5. .....a grandfather with cool shades.
  6. The Cool Pics thread is gone, too.
  7. An old episode of the show "Thriller". Saw the classic episode "The Purple Room" last week which is arguably the best one.
  8. SweetLittleBaby

    Young Jimmy

    ^ I've only ever seen the B&W version of that pic. Love Jimmy's colonial officer's coat.
  9. Interesting. Thanks for that info, Botswana.
  10. I love that second pic. I've never seen it before.
  11. I just mean those of us who are not privy to such information, which would account for most of us on this forum. Being just "fans" - again, those who are not privy to information - there is no way we can know for sure.
  12. None of us can really know for sure. I was more just thinking aloud, if you will.
  13. Maybe this is what Jason was referring to in his Facebook post a while back.
  14. Of course! Is that Noel Gallagher?
  15. Thank you, ladies for keeping up this thread. I haven't had time to lately.
  16. Finally! Looking forward to seeing the "exciting new posts and announcements". Sounds like Jimmy has something really cool up his sleeve.
  17. Welcome to the forums, Rosie. Very cool story indeed. Thanks for sharing.
  18. +1. Cool hair, Winni. All right, I'm going to be brave and post my pic. I took it with my phone, so the quality is crap, but here goes nothing.
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