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  1. No Robert required. Lots of people could sing for J P
  2. What is Plant still whinging about Zeppelin fans? I haven't been following his current goings on. The Krauss collaboration is a total snore. It's just a load of cover tunes most of which have been done better by other artists. Of course he's entitled to do whatever he wants & I'm entitled to find it boring. He's not a bloody god. I'm off to see Van Morrison. Now there is a singer worth who has endured very well! Perhaps Plant can't come up with new original tunes anymore.
  3. ( Ha Ha That's very similar to what I was thinking. Entered ballot Never heard anything. Looked on ebay-couldn't afford it. Tried all the contests. Nothing. Read reviews in papers the day after. lotsa fun. I did recieve emails from the Ertegun website trying to flog me a copy of the Plant/Krauss thing & the concert program though.
  4. It's always comical to me to listen to someone who rakes in a fortune moaning on about other people being greedy by trying to make a fast buck. When is Mr Goldsmith going to aknowledge the FACT that the reason a big proportion of tickets end up in the hands of touts is because people from INSIDE 'HIS' precious industry make it possible.
  5. Sorry, but they are ALL English mate. of course they are "ours" Really I think it would be great if Zep did a round of shows in America but not before the English, British & mainland European audiences get a better chance. So many of those O2 tickets were sold to American fans it that it might as well have been over there anyway.
  6. The only fair thing would be to start with the original ballot list and strike through EVERYONE who got tickets to the 02 gig. Start picking out names of people who didn't get chosen before.
  7. I agree here. When you click on the "news" page the latest story is STILL about the Rolling Stone cover. This is old news by now. (and not the only magazine in the world either) IMO this site is lacking alot. Electric Magic was much better in many ways. It's supposed to be the same bloke from electric magic doing it right? But since it has become official it's kind of, well, crap really.
  8. I'd say wait until after Christmas/New Year.
  9. Nothing Robert says is ever set in stone. He will say one thing one day & the complete opposite the next. He's also one of the the world's biggest wind up merchants.
  10. I can only HOPE it is true but I won't believe until I hear it officially. an 18 month tour eh? That would be nice because I really don't really want to have to go to a fucking Glastonbury Mud Fest.
  11. I dress 70's because that's what I like best well, 60's & 70's. I can't stand 80's fashion I'm not looking forward to that coming back again as it will no doubt. Sometimes I panic buy flared & bootcut jeans because I'm afraid they will soon become unavailable again like happened in the 80's. I have a nice stockpile.
  12. AMEN! & that is the ONLY way to beat touts. you queue up on the day of the gig- you buy tickets- you go in- you watch the show. Thats it. Simple. Once you go in you can't come out. If you do, you aren't allowed back in. That way no one has a chance to sell tickets on. No need for any complicated "ballots & wristbands" crap.
  13. That magazine hit the shelves in my town on Tuesday. The day after the gig.
  14. Something like: Thanks for supporting the Ahmet Fund. We had a great time the other night. Thank you for coming out to see us & sorry we couldn't fit you all in. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year etc. Like that you mean?
  15. Hey I'd like to see them! thats a great tribute
  16. A thousand times -thank you for this! That band is hot hot hot! Jason is different from John but incredible!
  17. I do hope he makes the DVD! I love watching film of the fans. Like that stuff from the Knebworth Concert I was really glad that was included in the DVD release.
  18. I can agree with alot of what you have said. (I'm sure someone will tell me off for saying such things but one has ones own opinion) I think Jimmy's quote that they shouldn't have let the Genii out of the bottle sums it up best. I like many others had laid Zep to rest a long time ago (as far as live performance is concerned) Even when news began to filter through about the O2 I was reluctant to believe it. But there it is -THEY did it! Although to the exclusion of MOST of thier fans. & that's just cruel if they end up saying -sorry no more. I'm not holding my breath for anymore but
  19. YOKO!!! ha ha I was just saying to my husband the other day I wonder how long it will be before someone calls Krauss Yoko?! Not that I agree but it's funny nontheless
  20. HA HA I want to live in your world.............. I wish it could all be true
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