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  1. For Arizona in the '80s there are only three possibilities; care to choose one? June 19th 1985 Phoenix, AZ Veteran's Coliseum June 11th 1988 Tempe, AZ Arizona State Univeristy Activitiy Center Note: He stayed two nights at The Biltmore Resort 24th Street & Missouri. November 28th 1988 Tucson, AZ Community Center
  2. Me too it's shorter that the Atlantic trip to America
  3. Glasgow Rocks! in fact all of Scotland Rocks. and I won't be told otherwise.
  4. I Bloody well hope not. Well not unless they play a few other dates as well. Also I doubt it as Pagey isn't overly keen on outdoor gigs.
  5. I agree. Not having been lucky enough to have won the "Golden Ticket" ballot. I am only grateful that other fans thought enough to try to include us as best they could in the proceedings. It looks as if there will be a DVD in time but on the night it was almost unbearable being shut out from the gig. Thanks to other fans, at least we have some glimpses of what went on. I'm not going to grumble about the quality.
  6. I don't know why but That cracked me up!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read it at work & my boss kept giving me funny looks because I kept laughing! He's absolutely horrified at the thought of Zeppelin! "HIPPIES! they even play FOLK!!!!!" (as if thats such a repulsive thought) Doesn't seem to think much of the Floyd either. Poor man.
  7. Hearing about these meetings is great! I met Robert sometime in 80's during one of his solo tours ( I can't remember the year) I had dinner in the same mexican restaraunt [in Arizona] as him & his band. There were a few of us fans around getting autographs and a security man asked him if he wanted to get rid of us & he said "No they are with me". I remember he was surprised that I knew so much about Zeppelin because he thought I was too young to know. He was very nice & spend ages with us he didn't seem to mind at all. I met Jimmy at his house which was not at all unexpected but I won't give too many particulars because he cherishes his (and his familys) privacy very much & I respect that. I only had a very short time with him but it was just he & I and I will treasure that memory fondly for the rest of my life. He autographed some things for me & I wanted to ask him alot of guitar questions but I was so nervous I mostly just froze up. My best mate met Jason Bonham a few years ago at a gig & spent the better part of an evening with him. She said he was great & was really easy to talk to, He loved talking about Zeppelin. I have never met JPJ but would love to.
  8. I would really love to see this happen. My favourite thing about Zeppelin was watching Page, Jones & Bonham rip it up. & I am extremley impressed with Jasons abilities. Why should Plant spoil everyone else's fun- let him have his solo career. I stopped following it anyway sometime in the 1980s I'd love to see Robert on board but at the end of the day what I want most is to to witness Page play again & with Jonsey. I don't really care all that much who sings or shreaks or screams between guitar solos!
  9. Exactly! Uk fans should get them first & possibly somewhere in Europe.
  10. Are you talking about a Wah Wah Pedal or a Whammy Bar?
  11. This was a charity and there were more acts on the bill. I don't see why any other shows they might do should be quite as expensive.
  12. So true about Purple! What a stunning band they were.
  13. See this is a sore point because people like me could have gone even if we hadn't been notified until monday afternoon that seats were available.
  14. I've already voiced my opinions on the celeb thing. so I won't say anymore about it except I do think (alot of them) do have to fork over a donation. On the empty seats- thats the first I've heard- & Your breaking my heart!!! I would have taken anytthing!!!!
  15. Well No one would be forcing you to go.
  16. Yea, I'm having trouble forgetting about it. Although for very different reasons.
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