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  1. Hey Bingo I Love your little dancing Jimmy avatar thingy (or whatever you call them).
  2. yes, Whilst Led Zep were on stage this site was completely frozen. even up to a couple of hours after they finished. I just gave up in the end and went to bed.
  3. Most of the celebs in the upstairs section spent their entire time in the bar chatting or e-mailing on their Blackberry, and missed all the acts. Sad.
  4. Thank you to all the FANS who got "in" & are quickly uploading their sounds & images. Thanks for sharing!
  5. How utterly narrowminded Another one who thinks life should end with youth. No one is forcing you to look. John Bonham wouldn't begrudge people he loved having fun after 27 years. RIP? yes but that doesn't mean we all have to die with him.
  6. Yea, Silly me! I should know better than to believe I was reading anything like the truth in there!
  7. SPAM SPAM SPAM probably just a wind up. or someone with an extremley chronic case of ageism too boring to read it all. I hate long posts like this anyway. If this person was there it's just another two wasted tickets
  8. I liked the bass drum head too, I noticed it when I enlarged some of the photo's posted from the rehearsal. And Jason really rocks!! I always thought one of the best things about Zep was the drums. Well it STILL is!
  9. What drugs did you take?? But Seriously IMO The industry has been obsessed with over-the-top bass for a number of years now. so maybe there is something in what you say. I wasn't there so I don't know. Perhaps there was a bias to mixing the sound more to favour a recording for DVD release?
  10. It seems that many of the tickets were wasted after all.
  11. Most of them probably wouldn't know Stairway anyway. & I get so fed up with that ageist crap! How the hell are you supposed to act and feel when you get old? I'm not even that old yet and already it pisses me off. some people seem to think you should give up life when you're 40. Hey I could go on that Grumpy old man show!!!! & I'm not even a man!!!
  12. You couldn't be a dear & post that Youtube link for me could you??
  13. Thanks guys! (and/or gals as the case may be) I NEEDED to hear about this!!!
  14. This really is stating the obvious but...... They couldn't play EVERYTHING from their catalouge in just over 2 hrs.
  15. King Tut isn't actually there. He stayed home. He's still in Egypt He'll have to wait for the DVD just like most of us
  16. I wouldn't bet on them doing anymore shows. but I'd love to eat my words. I think its best to just forget it for now then it will be a pleasant surprise if we get anything else. Maybe in 2008 they'll get an O2 DVD out.
  17. From what I've seen so far I can only agree with what everyone is saying. Jason Bonham was great last night!
  18. Please someone tell about this part of the show. What about Dazed and Confused? Did you get the laser pyramid & Violin Bow???? how was Pagey?
  19. I just hope that IF they do any more concerts we get a few here before they buggar off to America!
  20. Ausgezeichnet! Es tut meir leid, Mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht.
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