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  1. Things have gotten so weird! we are begging just for a photo-of -a-ticket-of-a-concert we can't get into.
  2. QUOTE (jimmysfinger @ Dec 6 2007, 03:13 PM) clarification: i am NOT asking for someone to "accompany" me! eeek! just trying to get rid of my ticket. thanks! But you can't sell a ticket on to someone who doesn't "accompany" you to the box office right? that's not to say you have to hang out with them during the concert but you would have to meet up to begin with. & erm Perhaps you should make it clear you aren't selling for £125.00 (face value)
  3. Blimey I'll go with ya. I live in England. I don't think you'll have any trouble finding someone
  4. So true. Whats the point when you can watch it any time.
  5. What a treat. Paul Rodgers is great live. And So too Chris Squire. People going should consider themselves lucky. You are getting more for your money.
  6. Yea I know, It's weird when so many people are denied attendance it would at least be some consolation to see it on screen at least. Perhaps they are filming though. You know then they can sell dvds later & raise more money for the charity.
  7. O okay, I see. well, I didn't know that- not having been one of the chosen few, I don't have the instructions. It's just all the talk about queing- up -for- wristbands -with -credit- card -in -hand that made me think you paid at the door once you proved your identity. Cor Guv- it's an awful lot of faffing about just to go to a rock gig int it? another reason to miss the old days! I'd still go if I could though!!
  8. Thats what I mean yea, I'm sure there won't be many but. It just seems so bloody complicated with wrist bands and everything. If there are any "no shows" on the night it seems silly not to let someone buy up the spare places
  9. I'm talking future tense I mean people who for some reason may not turn up on the day
  10. OMG what the hell happened? You see I was signed up on the original ballot but was in Switzerland on the date when they said they would inform the lucky few. I made damned sure I got internet access on the day & checked my emails just in case. But of course when I had no response I just went on with my hols. So I never heard about there being any problems I was too busy rambling in the mountains over the next two weeks. Shit!
  11. That makes me wonder if they will end up with any extra tickets no one has claimed at the box office? and if so how do they go about deciding who gets to buy them at the last minute? I mean by rights any left over tickets should go to people who were on the original lottery list shouldn't they?
  12. Thank You indigomoonbeam. you saved me the disappointment of turning up & not hearing a thing.
  13. I think this was discussed to some extent earlier but I can't find the thread now. It's getting close now& I was wondering if any of you who live in London and around who DON''T have tickets are going down to the O2 in hopes of being able to hear anything from the outside. I am so tempted to go but I'm in 2 minds about it. It could be fun & there might be a nice vibe if there are a few of us Zep fans about. Does anyone know about the sound from OUTSIDE the millineum tent?
  14. Love Almost Famous I must have watched it on DVD about 100 times!
  15. Good Luck Mate. You should have kept quiet about it & just went sick If you can't make it let me know, I could use your tickets. It'll only take me about 1.5 hrs to get there.
  16. Of course its bloody Led Zeppelin! Its not like Bonzo is still alive & able to play and they are snubbing him. Life goes on. & it's his son standing in for him for f**ks sake! As I think someone pointed out- if Bonzo had lived & zep had continued to this day making records & touring, many many things would have changed. Are people going to be seeing Zep in the 70's? NO. because its 2007. Are they going to be seeing Led Zeppelin? O YES. but not me (no ticket).
  17. Bump To have to stay home that night when the O2 is so easy for me to reach is excrutiating! I have loved Zep for years & rarely ever run into anyone else that does. Usually if I mention Zeppelin I just get a blank look (people may have heard the name but you can see them trying to put a finger on why they know it) this is probably more true in England than in America It makes me wonder where these million people who tried to get tix to the O2 crawled out from? I wish I knew em!
  18. Actually IMO the ONLY member of Zep who COULD be replaced is RP. I would love to see something with Pagey, Jonesy & Jason whatever it's called.
  19. This is Agony! living close enough to London to easily attend the O 2 gig but not being able to get tickets.
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