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  1. It's strange to see Bruce Dickinson just grab and toss aside the trousers from the Black Dragon suit. You probably couldn't pry them from the hands of 99.9% of the population of this board once they had their mitts on them. Not to mention the trying on, smelling, Iphone shots, attempts at theivery, etc...
  2. I think it looks kind of tacky and dated. A projector for a television in the living room? really? I mean it beats a homeless shelter, but just because Jimmy Page owned it doesn't change my humble opinion.
  3. I wish there was there were festivals of that level of quality these days. Kinda surprised Janis Joplin was placed so low on the advert.
  4. I watched a fairly new documentary about the Eagles. I'm not a fan but for some reason I'm a sucker for documentaries (especially about bands of all genres from the 70's). They claimed ( and I'm paraphrasing) that it was a "little known fact" that the Eagles sold more albums than any band from that decade. Something along the lines of their Greatest Hits record alone selling a million copies for 18 months straight. Throw in other bands like the Stevie Nicks/ Lindsey Buckingham -era Fleetwood Mac and I think it's a crap shoot to try to reasonably deduce any totally accurate number of record sales. All I know for sure is that Zeppelin sold and continue to sell a shit load of records and sold out a lot of shows.
  5. Now I do feel foolish. I posted the same question about Bron-Yr-Aur photos over at Royal-Orleans.com and someone posted the photo of RP and Strider on the motorcycle as possibly being from BYA. If I'm not mistaken that was from an old article and the photos were from Jennings Farm. My answer was directed to them. That's what I get for bouncing around and not paying proper attention I guess. Thanks for checking me, Knebby.
  6. Ah. My mistake. I was referring to the picture of RP with Strider. That other photo is pretty funny/sad though.
  7. I don't see any evidence of Photoshop. I'd suspect a bad scan of an old photo taken in the mist of the region.
  8. Hey, I think the second one was confirmed by someone as being from JPJ's home. It does look a little posh from the things I've read about the condition of Bron-Yr-Aur at the time of their visit(s). I'd really like to hope that they didn't haul audio tape equipment, guitars, whatever other essentials and not one camera( still or video). It would be nice to see photos or film of that period. Seemed to be a very positive time for JP/RP and resulted in some great tunes. Meant in regards to the photo of them sitting round the living room area.
  9. Was it ever mentioned if any equipment ( i.e. guitars, amps, etc.) were taken?
  10. As I stated a few posts back, I interpreted that comment to mean that both bands simply played on the same bill or at a festival and not as the musicians in both bands actually jammed together at one time. But,I could be wrong.
  11. IMHO I think that would be a train wreck. You're talking about two massive on-stage front man ego's there. The competition for the spotlight would likely ruin the song.
  12. Perhaps he was just referring to them playing at the same festival and not necessarily jamming together.
  13. Supposition on my part, but I'd guess he tried to eat healthy when possible while on the road in the early days, but there are those photos of him ordering in a diner(which I seriously doubt offered vegetarian edibles back in the day) and also that photo of him in the studio circa LZII with an Arbie's(for the Brit's, an American roast beef fast food establishment) squirt bottle on the console desk. He obviously wasn't consuming too many calories of any kind around 1977.
  14. Hey Steve, I've asked before to no avail. Do you know if there are any photos of JP, RP and their traveling companions inside or around Bron-Yr-Aur? I've seen the ones of Jimmy sitting by the creek, but none of them around or inside the cottage. Thanks.
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