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  1. exactly my thoughts his jacket in the video reminds me of the one he wore in his yardbirds days
  2. me obviously okay no maybe his mommy haha :)
  3. what a lovely old man I'm so glad he stopped dying his hair...
  4. Since nobody really updates this thread ( ) I will just post some lovely Jimmy photos... (when I can finally figure out how to do it) These were probably posted already but oh well... EDIT: It worked yay!
  5. I'm just here reading this thread... damn it's better than a soap opera please continue! Okay seriously, it pisses me off, how some people try to force their opinion on others... If someone liked it, let them like it. I liked it. It wasn't too professional or anything new in it, but they had fun, and as did I. If someone doesn't like it, I'm okay with that too. We're not the same, we have different views on things. And it's really getting tiring reading some people telling how they didn't like the interview over and over and over again... we got it for the first time really, now can we
  6. is there a fainting emoticon? because I just did haha his eyes looks gorgeous <3
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