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  1. I suggest you get your o2 dvd orders in for Christmas 2010. Small post but you will remember it!
  2. "In and Out" - with the album cover showing Miss Honeydrippers bum and tattoo (see Led Zeppelin Tattoos thread)
  3. I have been of the opinion since the end of the O2 concert that Robert would never do it again. He was smiling but I took that smile to be him saying to himself "Thank God that is over, it was nice to do it again just one more time, I didn't foul up too badly but never again thank you very much" Since then I have thought that any new singer would be Kelly Hansen from Foreigner. Are we all sure that it is actually Steve Tyler who has been rehearsing as Kelly Hansen looks very similar, but younger. Anyone who has seen Foreigner in the last few years would have heard him sing some Zeppelin and I thought he did it well. My money is still on him.
  4. I thought in the opening shots Leona looked like a drag artist. Also I didn't realise she was that tall- she must be at least 12 feet. At least Jimmy looked well turned out and smiling!
  5. Given JP's "duet" with Leona Lewis and RP's association with Alison Krauss which is fantastic and the best concert I have been to for years (you will have to decide if I was at the O2 in December!) should we assume JB is coming to UK to drum for Girls Aloud? Surely he would want to follow the fashion and team with women rather than some old rockers?
  6. This is true. I wondered when the news would hit. He leaves at the end of this month and comes to England. Welcome to the rain Jason!
  7. I think it's great news that the wonderful Leona Lewis has been chosen to represent UK in the Olympic closing ceremony. Now I know who David Beckham is but I am buggered if I know which team she plays for. I think it may be Arse nal. I have, however, heard of Johnny Page and he is a wonderful pianist - so it should be a joy to watch. But would it not be more appropriate for that old skiffle combo Led Zeppelin to play? If Mr Plant is worried about paying for an airline ticket we could have a collection. I believe he is currently unemployed so he would have the time. Mr Page appears to be going to Beejing anyway. That leaves Mr Jones and Mr Bonham. I am sure that Mr Page could invite Mr Jones along. I feel pretty sure that Mr Bonham would run/swim there just to get behind those drums again. So has anyone asked them to play? Perhaps if no-one has asked they should ask pretty soon or it will be too late to book the flights. I think we may not just see Mr Page there - just a hunch! Think about it. If Zep are down to play would we be told in advance? Million more people descending on Beejing to see it? They could not cope. This one is worth a small wager.
  8. Gramm would be a non-starter BUT I have been thinking for ages that the singer in the present Foreigner, Kelly Hansen, would do the job very well. He is young, looks like Steve Tyler and can belt out a tune. In the Foreigner set they do about a minute and a half of Whole Lotta Love. I was at one of the Foreigner gigs in 2006 and just happened, as you do, to be standing next to Plant. When the band broke into WLL the old man went pale, a youngster has stolen his song and sounded just like him. He looked really annoyed. So for that reason alone (and I am one of those who agree with Plant's refusal to do LZ again) bring on Kelly. Obviously Jason has played with him in Foreigner so he is not a foreigner. On the other hand I wouldn't mind doing the job myself, except I can't sing!
  9. Is that what you think? So you think I am not a "right" sort of fan? Why is that? That to which you are a slave is over. All that is left is the music and the memories. No-one needs to be a slave to that! Whilst in 2008 you can enjoy the music and the memories (that is what a fan does) you should not be a fanatic over something that happened a long time ago. We can see in other areas of life what problems fanatics bring. Your country, Australia, is one of the few countries which sees that and takes steps to prevent it. However a Zeppelin fanatic is pretty harmless!
  10. Pray tell me what the "right" kind of Zeppelin fan is? Is it:- 1. Someone who was in his/her late teens in 1969 and is now is about the same age as the band members and is a respectable citizen? 2. Someone young who thinks it is cool to be retro? 3. Someone who lives in la-la land and thinks the band (complete with Robert) will record/tour again? 4. Someone who believes that the spirit of Zeppelin is alive and well? If so what was that spirit (other than good songs (often "borrowed")? Sure they did some things that other men would have loved to have done, but they were never revolutionary or political in any way. They were just four f*****g good musicians who had a wild time, some sad times, made great records, did great concerts and made mega money. I'm not knocking them at all but I can't see the idolatry that some fans have. I have been in Robert's presence and he is a normal guy. He talks about normal things, football, tennis, cars and drinks beer - and drives an Audi! On stage he may have been a "god" but in real life is just like anyone else - but richer. 5. (and the most ridiculous answer) a fan who likes the music? So where does the "right" come into it?
  11. Wow! Great pictures - best I have seen. I just about saw myself in a crowd scene and in one of the Pilot outside shots! Thanks for the memory.
  12. Is that the sum total - just the 5 of us? The Pilot was full with, I guess, 300 LZ fans there. Surely some more folk can drop by here and say hi?
  13. If you were in The Pilot on Sunday 9th. December just drop in here and say hi.
  14. I may have missed it but I have never seen an announcement as to how much money was raised at this charity event. It's now been almost four months since the concert. If I haven't missed an announcement four months does seem a long time for the accountants to add the figures up. Has anyone heard anything? All I have heard from someone who professes to know Jimmy was that the amount raised wasn't as much as we may have thought - but he was probably talking bollocks.
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