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  1. I cant pick between bron y aur stomp or tangerine...i guess ill go with tangerine. That song has great meaning.
  2. Um...the doors, right? I cant remember...
  3. Oh by the way, there are many different things a push pull knob can do. On my les paul we built them so each pickup can switch from a series to parallel circuit. But i think coil tapping is a good way to go, jimmy used coil tapping it splits your humbuckers. There are also battery operated units that are push pull operated some of them can act like a whole effects system on your guitar or a distortion knob. But you have to find a place for your battery, i have one hidden under my strat pickguard. But its a really good addition, one in particular called the bcu unit. If possible, go with one.
  4. Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones
  5. It's My Life - The Animals.
  6. He does! Look at Jimmys face when he says that. I love watchinf the sons from that show. It was shapes of things, over under sideways down, hapennings ten years time ago and im a man.
  7. I pick In the Light. Its a great song amd the lyrics are wonderful. "And you feel that you cant go on, and your wills sinking low, just believe and you cant go wrong, in the light, you will find the road." Brilliant.
  8. I cant pick! I love them all! Well for now i will go with What is and what should never be. Although heartbreaker, ramble on, bring ir on home, moby dick, and the lemon song are really close.
  9. I know im only 14 but my dad makes guitars and i know a bit. Um...what sound u want will determine the type of wood. A les paul uses a mahogany body with a mahogany set neck. A tele can use either ash or alder. I think mahogany body and neck is best. Headstock mahogony too. Gibson i think puts some kindof thing on it to make it black but u can get it in all sorts of colors. Rosewood fretboards are always god but u cpuld always get some fancy wood. Theres a site that sells all sorts of fretboard wood and they say the tone eacb one gives. Pickups...do u want humbuckers or singles? I kinda like d
  10. I think I saw this whole concert on youtube once...was it before the dragon paint job? There were just circles on the telecaster? I know it was near the end of The Yardbirds.
  11. I picked 1970. Royal albert hall was that year and robert had some amazing hair. Oh and jinmy still had that black beauty then. I think that was a great year for them.
  12. Green Bay since i was 4... i get hated on a lot but oh well.
  13. Weird...i thought immigrant song was about...vikings. :s anyway im religious i would say and i dont mind it at all! I listen to all led zeppelin songs!
  14. I play trumpet, euphonium, french horn, guitar, bass, harmonica, and keyboard. And im not trying to brag. I only took lessons for guitar and im not a prodigy or naturally good...the only reason im any decent is from dedication and hours of practice. Music is my entire life.
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