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  1. Jahfin, seeing your avatar reminds me that Sister Rosetta was apparently Johnny Cash's favourite singer when he was growing up. As the documentary stressed,though, it was her guitar work on top of her voice and charm that made her so great. She rocked!! "Strange things happening every day", recorded in 1944, is heralded by some as "the first rock'n'roll record". Glad to see that her grave in Philadelphia now has a grand headstone, as a result of the proceeds from a tribute concert. There is now a day named after her in Pennsylvania (January 11th).
  2. Before watching a documentary about her called "The Godmother of Rock'n'Roll," aired on BBC4 a week ago, I was only vaguely aware of her name as a result of "Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us" on Raising Sand. She's incredible! Robert is quoted on another thread as saying he saw her in his youth when she was on the bill with Son House. With Tinariwen and Sister Rosetta Robert's helped shine the light on some life-altering music in recent years. Check this out:
  3. Steven Tyler, and Aerosmith, are naff. I find it sad that he was even considered, and am grateful that for whatever reason this painful embarrassment was avoided.
  4. Yeah, 24/5/75 is another brilliant one, but I don't go along with the "Greatest ever" tag often given to 23/6/77.
  5. I'm not so big on the 30 min+ '77 versions, but the ones from '75....transcendent. 27/3/75(LA), Flying Circus, 14/2/75 (Nassau), 28/2/75 (Baton Rouge). They "get lost" in the very best way, taking you to a strange and unearthly place where no-one ,including them, knows quite what's going to happen next. I agree that TSRTS is fantastic (MUST be the original, not the criminally shortened 2007 version) and so are Mobile, Salt Lake City, Fort Worth...but some of those '75 versions are incredible trips.
  6. I've been scouring the net to see how I might be able to get hold of the Vancouver version but I've had no success so far. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Pat
  7. Really good article, Sunchild. I think it hits the nail on the head.
  8. Baroness, I take your point concerning Wall's comment that now he's 50, he doesn't need to talk to Jimmy anymore. I think what he's trying to say is that he's a proper grown-up now who's now less bothered about being friends with someone like Jimmy (oh wait- nobody is!) than he used to be because, as an older, wiser fellow, he knows what's really important in life. It's hard, though, to ignore the fact that as a music mag journo and editor it was useful for him to have access to Jimmy. Now in his position as a "rock author", having learnt everything that he's likely to about Page, it make
  9. I noticed that Mick Wall was also very disparaging about Jimmy's Beijing performance. He seems to be being very self-consciously critical of Jimmy at the moment... perhaps there's some defensiveness, some inner unease on Wall's part with regard to his actions and his loss of Jimmy's friendship. He doesn't even take his shades off for the "author photo" in the book, which ends with the conjecture that just as Boleskine House does, Jimmy will always have have his demons. There's a strange little story on pages 328-9; allegedly, David Bowie invited Page over to his New York house on 20th Stree
  10. The most populous nation on earth currently has, as a whole, little awareness of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin. That is about to change.
  11. I've just noticed one glaring omission in the list- maybe we can coax Jeff out of retirement by demanding that he tell us what he feels about NO QUARTER!!!!! Perhaps his favourite live version.
  12. Been re-reading some of Jeff's gems. They're just so great, so emotional...I hope they reach as many people as possible on this forum. Thanks again, Bruce. And thanks even more, Jeff!
  13. I just don't think Jimmy wants anyone remotely on the inside writing about his life or his band. He has always struck me as being an intensely private and reticent man.
  14. I think it's going to be incredible. Think Beyonce & Prince at the Grammys times 10!!
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