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  1. Need to get a hold of Winston's Thanks for Eleven Years
  2. Was looking for the best sounding versions of 8/4/79 and 8/11/79. Any suggestions?...
  3. This is one of my favorite shows, can I please get a link
  4. Could you please send me the links again? My other computer crashed and I lost all my files..
  5. I will definitely check that out. Thanks
  6. How about 6/21/77? It's a great recording already. Maybe just a little clearer?
  7. I know your stuff was good, but it keeps getting better. Can I also get a link?
  8. What program do you use to separate each instrument track?
  9. I was a senior in high school when I saw it. And that started me on my bootleg craze.
  10. Just listened to the Neutral zone version. Wow, that one is really clear. What a great show full of energy. I know they are a lot of famous shows. and everyone has their favorites. But when ever anyone compiles a list of the best shows sound and performance. This show should be in the top 5 of everyone's list. Plants voice is awesome at this show, and I know people pick shows because Jimmy is having a good night, or Bonham. But this one has all them firing on all cylinders. Plant never sounded this good after 71' and I can't think of any better shows, but the band always seemed better when they were playing L.A.
  11. I am still looking for the best source for this show. It doesn't have to be complete. But I would like to know what is the clearest version?
  12. I need a link to this remaster please....
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