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  1. I already know your stufg is good. Pm sent
  2. There is a program that can do this. It is Izotope RX 7. It has this feature called music rebalance. That can separate the frequencies.
  3. Which reverb do you use, and which delay?. I downloaded version 7, it supports flac
  4. I would to try to make some these boots sound better, just for my own personal enjoyment. What program is best to use??
  5. What is the best version of this great show??
  6. Does anybody got a copy of the Heavy Vibraphones version of this show?
  7. I would also like a copy, my vinyls all skip now.
  8. This is a awesome show. Looking for the best version. Any help as to which one??
  9. Yes, can someone please pm on where to get this awesome show. There are really cooking on that night.
  10. What are some of the best performances of songs? Like to put together a compilation....
  11. Started collecting Page & Plant shows. They are actually pretty good performances. Any recommendations for some of the better boots?
  12. I've searched for that one too. With no luck.
  13. There is just something about the 1980 tour I like. Was looking for the best version from 6/30/80.....
  14. The suggestions have all been great, but I was kind of looking for individual performances from good audience or soundboard sources.
  15. I've been making best of compilations for some of Zeppelin's different tours. I have done 75' and 77'. Anybody got any song suggestions for 73'?
  16. What is the best version of this show??
  17. Here is artwork that i made for my Best of 1980 tour compilation.
  18. godzilla777


    What version would you recomend?
  19. Looking for the best and complete version of this awesome show
  20. Not sure if we have a topic for this already. Looking for some opinions ....
  21. Just wanted some opinions on the best version of the 9/19/1970 MSG evening show. What a great performance this is,
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