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  1. The suggestions have all been great, but I was kind of looking for individual performances from good audience or soundboard sources.
  2. I've been making best of compilations for some of Zeppelin's different tours. I have done 75' and 77'. Anybody got any song suggestions for 73'?
  3. What is the best version of this show??
  4. Here is artwork that i made for my Best of 1980 tour compilation.
  5. godzilla777


    What version would you recomend?
  6. Looking for the best and complete version of this awesome show
  7. Not sure if we have a topic for this already. Looking for some opinions ....
  8. Just wanted some opinions on the best version of the 9/19/1970 MSG evening show. What a great performance this is,
  9. I prefer Asencsion In The Wane The Black Hole Of Calcutta by Godfather records. What about you guys???
  10. Looking to see opinions on everyone's top 5 1977 tour performances??
  11. Thanks Sue, that's what I was looking for.
  12. Anybody make a best of 1980 tour compilation?
  13. What was the best show of that tour. I like Zurich
  14. Good day to listen. To St. Valentine's Day massacre.
  15. Which version of Offenburg is the one to get?
  16. Mine is Vienna, love the Whole Lotta Love medley.
  17. I really like the energy on this show. And since everybody was helpful with my other questions. Maybe I could get some opinions????????
  18. Never looked at it that way. I just wish I could of been there for one of the shows.
  19. I think 6/21/77 has the edge. Bonham's drums were like cannons that night.
  20. My favorite version of WLL is from Vienna, Austria 3/16/73. What a killer medley........
  21. Is There anyway I can get a copy of that? Please
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