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  1. I've been away from this forum for quite some time, but the saying "the more things change the more they stay the same" really applies here. I might as well be reading the posts from last year or the year before! It's like not watching a soap opera for awhile and you come back to it and the characters are all still saying and doing the same things they did when you last saw the show...same posters, same topics, same excuses from Page about why he's not playing. (only a little different). Could it be that he's just not going to get a band together ever? And that Robert will forever mock him with the fact that Jimmy needs him and he doesn't need Jimmy by dangling this reunion carrot every now and again? How long has this been going on? Is it possible that they do this on purpose to give this forum a reason to exist? It's really a strange thing having left and coming back to the same topics. Maybe it really is all about selling re-releases and ticket sales to concerts. Maybe they have been putting us all on all along. Maybe it's about keeping something fresh, but not what you all are talking about, but about keeping news churning about all things Led Zeppelin. I say that because I was thinking to myself "hey, Robert did say he wasn't doing anything in 2014, maybe I should check out the forum and see what's going on". Now, I don't want to kill anybody's game of charades or anything. I'm just saying that maybe it's all a ruse and a marketing ploy to keep the machine going. I will look forward to checking back in 6 months to see what Jimmy's actually up to and what little comments Robert is making to get himself in the media. I "love" these guys like everybody else, but it just seems like a reality show configuation to create buzz at this point.
  2. One would think that with a new album coming out they would be playing tunes from that rather than essentially the same set list, but like someone said, maybe the show was a last minute add on and they had to play what they know.
  3. Just wanted to add that Led Zeppelin is taking on new followers continuously...I assume you think that is a good thing. With that in mind, what may be the "same old" for you and is now ten years gone already might not be that for some of the new followers. And again, I am assuming you embrace new followers and their potential to want to know all of the mystique of the band some of us have known since its inception. Thanks for pointing out the Vimeo connection also.
  4. I am fairly new to this forum and was not aware of this on youtube or otherwise, so I greatly appreciate the discussion about it. Would not have been able to watch on cable, but thanks to you bringing it up, someone else posted other options for viewing...that's a good thing, please see yourself as having been helpful despite what others might put forth and continue to post on this forum all things Zep related. This forum is not necessarily just for those who know it all already, and people who do the ass chewing for someone posting should lighten up and be more magnanimous to all.
  5. I am hoping 2 things: that one or more of you who know how to use Twitter (which I don't and not sure I really want to get any lemons anyway) will post the best of the best here on this forum. Maybe post on this thread? And my second wish is that CLW gets her question(s) answered, lemons or not, because she is such an ardent fan and he never plays close enough to North Dakota for her to show her adoration directly. She deserves a download just for her fan-tasticism here on this forum!
  6. Maybe history will find the era of "rock music" to be confined to a specific period of time. What interests me is something quintessentially "new", "inventive", yet drawing from the past...not just a remake of the past. I just don't hear much of anything new in most of this era of music...particularly in rock music.
  7. It's hard to apply strict definitions to rock music, since it is of itself, a mix of original music types and forms. Led Zeppelin: a perfect example of such. But that never stops people from trying to apply nomenclature to it. Seems like they had to invent new names for things about rock music to try to categorize it. But as you point out here, STH is not in ballad form as that form defines in classical folk music idioms.
  8. This is just a foolish notion! I like oranges, but I don't like tangerines. They are both fruit...both citrus fruit and one might be a derivative of the other, but that doesn't mean that a person must like one if they like the other. In the case of Led Zeppelinesque, I'll take the first fruit, thank you. Rarely do I find "Zep influenced" bands even comparable, try as they may. And there are a lot of them out there. How could that possibly equate to "jumping on the band wagon" (whatever that means)?
  9. I don't know what you mean by "Plant's way". Are you talking about more modest ticket prices and playing to smaller venues? And is that supposed to reveal something of a higher nature or be more ethical in some way? It seems to me that as someone else mentioned, Plant would be playing to larger crowds or bigger venues if he could sell out the tickets. And isn't his "way" that you describe just more in keeping with the type of music he is doing now...The kind of band and music he has done over the years esp. since the Alison Krause days...a little more on the "folksie" side (ethnically and otherwise)?
  10. "ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby...ain't nothin' like the real thing" Maybe he was out getting "inspiration" for the re-mastering? LOL. Maybe he just likes to keep his profile out there, in case he does get inspiration to do his own thing again. Maybe he was saying to himself "hey, if they can do it, I can do it". It would have been a lot more interesting if he would have jammed with them! Who was he in the company of?
  11. Again, this was due in part to the fact that LZ were not "under the thumb" of record company or management executives or producers. They did not depend on the media to make or break an album or a tour. Which is not to say they wouldn't have appreciated some favorable press that they often did not get at the time despite a continually growing fan base and consistent radio air time. Many bands and artists were "set up" on promotional tours, interviews and press conferences. LZ were not told which songs would be put out as "hits" or even which songs would go on albums as many other artists of the times were. They were able to choose not to do television because neither Jimmy or Grant were satisfied in how the fidelity of the music would be represented in that medium. The Stones and The Who predated Zeppelin by several years and were actually thought of at the time (60's) as Pop music. Their whole "scene" was set up differently from Zeppelin's in that regard. In fact Jimmy played on The Who's "Can't Explain" as a session guitarist at the behest of their producer/executives and much to the dislike of Pete Townshend. So although the times of their music making overlapped they were not necessarily born out of the same stew. And LZ's record publishing, producing deal and the negotiations they were able to make with tour promoters and venues set them apart from other bands at the time.
  12. Again how do you define "outsiders" and "mainstream media". No, Led Zeppelin was never on the Johnny Carson show, but I do believe there was a feature report on them on (fact check me someone)...the CBS Evening News showing them and their entourage. And again, it depends on the ages of bosses, parents, teachers, etc. Lots of people were listening to FM radio...we had FM radio in all of our cars when I was growing up for example. My brother was a parent in the 70's...he had done 2 tours of Vietnam by then, he knew about Led Zeppelin. My oldest sister, maybe not so much...she tended to listen to AM Top 40 radio. I think maybe what you are missing in your analysis is that there were a whole bunch of things going on in the 70's...musically and culturally there was a "swelling" or "expanding" of things in the arts and music. It wasn't a linear-type of progression where one thing led to another. As I said earlier, my family was pretty typical of the times...my parents were post WWII and had 6 kids between 1946-1960, very middle class. So when you say "outsiders"...please be more specific. I think the split you might be looking for was between post WWII and post Beatles...but when you use these sweeping general terms and don't define them, it's really hard to know what you are talking about. Led Zeppelin was pretty mainstream by mid 70;'s...not by my parents, mind you. They wouldn't have known the Rolling Stones either for that matter, unless one of us was told to turn down our music...which I was told a lot! I think you are going to have to site some statistics before those of us who grew up in that time are going to agree with your analysis.
  13. Right-o again SteveAJones! And I can use my error to here to make the point again to George. I took a story and extrapolated from it that which I wanted to use to make a point...but it wasn't factually correct to the actual event. Yes, there were Led Zeppelin people there, they did go on the ride, there were people aware of who they were who talked among themselves, albeit, not the actual band, and the people there at the time made note of their notoriety, but they didn't stop the ride or make any exclusions for them. That's the great thing about this forum...there is always someone out there who knows a little bit (or a lot, in Steve's case) more than someone else, or has a better feel for the times, etc, and we can keep ourselves from rewriting history to fit our own views. Or we can have our own views and ignore the points someone else is making to try to shed a little more light on their views. In my case, no doubt, my slant on the truth was in error. Thanks Steve!
  14. Yes, maybe he is referring to Top 40 radio...played on AM stations, as I recall. But that wasn't where it was at in the 70's or at least not where I came from. Most people were buying albums and listening to album oriented radio which was FM. Led Zeppelin, or at least Peter Grant, knew this, capitalized on it and ran to the bank with it. They didn't need the critics to like them or understand what they were all about and they knew it. Personally, they esp. Page didn't like it, but it didn't hurt them or their standing in record sales or radio air time. In fact, you could barely turn on the radio at any time of day without hearing STH...I hated that song back then it was so over played. So was Trampled Underfoot as I recall. I didn't really care for Led Zeppelin in those times because of that. I wasn't until recently, with some years of breathing space that I came back to them with the luxury of not having to rely on the radio for my listening habits. But when I was a teenager you couldn't avoid Led Zeppelin on the radio and it was a little sickening. They did a lot of request radio in the evenings and at night and I can attest to STH being the most requested song in FM history.
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