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  1. Were the Showco people Texans? This was a British guy.
  2. SAJ... I am trying to shed light on a friend's stories about a road crew member named "Jimmy"...could be from Page/Plant or with the Plant road crew of the 80's.
  3. Listening to 7-7-80, thinking about Bonzo's birthday and wishing it hadn't been the last show. "Upon us all, a little rain must fall".
  4. For me it's The Rain Song.. I dedicate it to my husband, as he keeps me real with myself..."the sunlight in my growing". The words and the music of that song touch me deeply, often I cry when I hear it," After 27 years we continue to have a new "season of emotion" and sometimes "a little rain must fall" but throughout the years we have the "wonder of devotion" to keep us going and the "mystery of the quotient" that brought us together in the first place.
  5. I was comparing photos on this site charlotte-martin.tumblr.com. (Sorry, I am at work and they don't allow me to link to the site.) The nose and eyes looked very similar, especially comparing photos taken from below eye level. So, never mind as you are declarative in your statement.
  6. Would love to read the article.
  7. Read throught this entire thread...whew! Lots of interesting stuff and you guys are so knowledgable. This photo has been begging me because of the expression on what I really, strongly believe is Charlotte Martin's face and the question "Why's she gettin so much sugar?" I work in obstetrics...she so has the look of a pregnant woman about to deliver...8th month, just hangin' on waiting to get it over with. For Charlotte that would put it in February or March 1971, Scarlet born 3-24-71. Don't know if that fits other details.
  8. This is a nearly perfect likeness.
  9. Call me a conspiratorialist, but I had the thought that maybe Richard was framed when he was arrested in Italy and that Grant set him up to get him sober &/or out of the way for a time as he appeared to be a lightning rod for many of the debacles of the band and they may have been in a "get it together" frame of mind in preparing for another US tour. I would ask Cole if this notion has ever crossed his mind or if he sees any possibility in it. (Unless you all think this question is too "out there" or out of bounds...I welcome your responses here before I would pose this question or ask that one of you do it on my behalf).
  10. Yes, you are so right and forgive me if I seem to be saying that I know what he means...I am just adding my guessing to the mix. And I would add, sharing a bit of my frustration. Robert is, in the case of reunion talk, and in terms of the way we hear it, "the voice of Led Zeppelin". He is lucky and unlucky in some ways to have that distinction. Lucky, in that he can still call upon that voice, in whatever it's form, to ellicite responses from an adoring public. I guess I wouldn't really call him lucky in that he seems to have the upper hand in calling the shots about a reunion, because it seems quite painful for everyone involved. I have always felt sorry for JP (and to a lesser degree JPJ, because he goes about doing his thing), but sorry for JP because he can't really just go out and "do Led Zeppelin" like Robert has been able to do. I suppose Robert could be said to be in the unlucky position to be called upon by that adoring public to satisfy an insatiable desire to hear that "voice" in what we view as its highest form, that being its original (or as close to original form) as it can be. Or even something new that would encompass that form. It was a magical union of talent and I think it's unfortunate if Robert doesn't understand the public's yearning for more of it. I suppose it would get old being asked the same question all of the time, but then does he really have to do interviews at all, surely he knows that will be one of the questions? I would hate to think that he would rely on a television interview to express his desire to the other willing players. I feel for him having to say "no" all of the time, but he does hold the "lion's share" of the deck. Forgive me for questioning his sincerity in this regard and therefore casting judgment or attempting to read his mind. God, I hope I am wrong!
  11. Yes, I get it about the private life thing. Perhaps you missed my point in relating that. It was to say that it seems like Robert likes to drop these little "one-liners" that get people talking about him and they seem to coincide with his activities...tours, cds, etc. And it's odd that he even mentions the fact that Jones and Page are Capricorns in the same breath because we all know how Leos love the limelight...I don't really know what he was referring to with the Capricorn thing, except that they are often perfectionists. Maybe somebody can hip me to what he was getting at. So as all of these articles are being written speculating what is on his mindl...they are bound to say "As Robert Plant embarks on a tour (blah, blah, blah). So he gets a little more bang for his buck. Afterall, they just did the Kennedy Center, Late Night Show, etc, right on the tail end of Celebration Day and the news conference and publicity with that...how much press can he eek out in a 6 month period? I'm just being realistic here. Who better to gin up the press than the man himself that has been said to be the hold out all along? And the nature of his comments are a little more carrot dangling than the approach Jimmy uses which in my opinion is a little more straight forward like "hey, I'm doing (such and such this year)", not necessarily with specifics. Ijust think Robert likes to gin things up a bit somethimes. Nothing wrong with that...I am salivating. And I am wishing Robert would tour around the US a little more because I would love to see him.
  12. Didn't it say on his website that Patti called him her husband when he showed up unexpectedly at a benefit show in Austin recently? Maybe I read that wrong.
  13. Funny RP mentions the Horoscope factor...we could consider that he's a Leo and conjecture that he's attention seeking. Reminds me of when he said he "eloped and moved to Texas" (wasn't that also right before a tour?), all kinds of talk sprung up about him, then his press person denounced it, now we see on his website that he did indeed marry at some time. (Congrats to the happy couple BTW!) I'm just saying...this comment might be more about getting the buzz going about "anything Zep" or "everything Robert" to draw attention to what he is doing. Not a Robert hater, just an observation.
  14. Hard to imagine Bonham playing to a click track...hell, he was a human click track machine. I read somewhere that the clicking at the beginning of Ramble On was him tapping on a plastic garbage can.
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