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  1. You don't need a car at all in NYC or a driver's license. As for going outside of the city - trains, taxis, and car services galore. Lots of others, too- Ricky Gervais, Albert Einstein, Henry Rollins, Ray Bradbury, Tina Fey, David Sedaris, Barbara Walters, etc.
  2. Again, great commentary! I have a soft spot for the Danelectro - I love how he plays it, how it sounds, and the songs he plays with it. No question there would be a clash (or something) of egos with all the guitar gods together on stage especially considering they were at fairly uncertain points in their careers. Most reviews on YouTube say Beck stole the show (MSG anyway) although Jimmy was the sentimental favorite. For Clapton, I'm sure seeing someone going through the same addiction wasn't easy either - not to mention whatever they experienced in their pasts. It sucks for me not to have seen any of them live - can't help when you were born - can only enjoy what's out there -yea for YouTube (and spend $800 to see Clapton in April? Ha.)
  3. Thanks for sharing this. It's at odds with how some publications reported their interaction and also how many view the body language in some of the YouTube videos so it's good to hear from someone who experienced it close-up. Makes me like Clapton even more.
  4. I think the camera angle might be deceiving. I think he just got close with one of his hands up in the air after a riff. But Robert did look at him, "what was that?" I love the "Lost already" and laugh at .46.
  5. DE12

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I agree and plus, it's totally rock and roll. If I was older back then that would have been a poster on my bedroom wall Although I'm sure my parents would've thought it was too sexy! Is that a Neal Preston? I think he took the best pics of the band. I wish that would've been a choice in the Fine Art signed prints. LOL
  6. I was just going to say I really dislike that photo on the Classic Rock cover - so photoshopped. Then I saw the Guitar World. That's insane! It reminds me of the Ann Taylor winter campaign with Kate Hudson. She's completely unrecognizable - and it's not as if she's a hideous woman.
  7. DE12

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I agree - maybe defiance, too. It's the cover of his book, right? I'm guessing he might feel differently about what it conveys.
  8. DE12

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Anyone know origins of this one? p.s. Jaycee in that top one you posted, he looks so much like the French actor, Melvil Poupaud, another hottie
  9. DE12

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I think the Armani suit one is the best photo Halfin has ever taken of him. Pure elegance. (p.s. Also love the navy velvet jacket photos coming out of the premiere.)
  10. Thanks for the notice re: events + journal entry. That was some powerful writing and his honesty is so compelling.
  11. It's Mercury Retrograde - maybe the repeats were just a glitch. It would be strange to mark a year and then begin a loop.
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