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  1. Yes! And for me, that entire package (Knebworth) he looked his sexiest IMHO. I mean he is always sexy, but there's just something about that outfit, the way he moved, sang...'glowed'...during those performances, that turns me to mush. And despite folks complaining about it not being great or whatever, I still think he was brilliant!
  2. Yum!! And of course, gotta have my daily dose of Knebworth Robert! And last but not least, the I'm-either-just-waking-up-from-sleep Robert OR the-I'm-stoned-to-high-heaven Robert.
  3. Interesting article/interview, Steve. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Oh my God. This has got to be the most hilarious thread yet. [but then again, I'm easily amused] Jimmy really does need to release something new or we'll be discussing whether Robert sighed or sneezed at that little bridge-like section in some selected song.
  5. Top o' the morning to ya, Plantaides! *waves* Thanks for keeping the eye-candy train a-chugging!
  6. Aaaah I've missed you gals! (((hugs))) Been so crazy busy for yours truly, so it's always nice to come to the thread to see some eye-candy. Thanks for all the great pics, ladies!!
  7. ^^ I believe that was after the screening of TSRTS in New York (?). Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. A smile to break a million hearts... Happy Friday, ladies!
  9. Don't forget to smother it with chocolate syrup before the biting begins. Hah!
  10. Ooh, never seen those ones before, Roxie. Thanks for sharing! And that does look like Jimmy's scarf, JP78. Hmmmm.....
  11. Okay, this one, I haven't seen before...or if I have, it's been a while. YUM!!
  12. Oooh the 'vandalism' *lmao* I guess that's why they haven't made wax figures of them yet. They're afraid of what we girls will do!
  13. Yes, it's him. Doubt the good folks at Madame Tussaud (or however that's spelled) have gotten around to waxing the boys from Zep.
  14. Hahaha! Speaking of captions...
  15. Is this the one by Ross Halfin?
  16. Thanks for the info! And check below for the adorableness.
  17. Thanks for the picture, Sam and the info about the article, ProPlant! Can't wait to read it!
  18. LMAO! Where did you find that picture, Pagette?
  19. Gooooodmorning/day, Plantaides!
  20. Second that! His expression screams "why are you still dressed, woman?" Among my top ten pics of him for sure!
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