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  1. yeah with a little corection - name of the guy was ARVID ANDERSEN (RIP) records for Arvid never were published and maybe Ritchie Blackmore plays on same sessions
  2. Dear friends! maybe somebody know corect information - WHO plays guitar on PIANO SHUFFLE track (Nicky Hopkins on piano)
  3. Dear Roger! maybe we can do a little requests for some RARE interviews which we can't find in the Interenet? Best wishes! Rad
  4. Roger! give your email address please, I'll try scan something for you from Russian sourses. Best wishes! Rad
  5. Dear Roger! thank you very much for replay! Radislav here from Russia. I have very old little book - LED ZEPPELIN by Howard Mylett (1976) and in Acknowledgements Howard mentioned Roy Carr's article as inspired factor. Best wishes! Rad
  6. DEAR ROGER!!! Maybe you have in your great archive this one - NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS MAY 17 1975 four page LED ZEPPELIN article by ROY CARR??? If you have - please some readable copy!!! Thanks!!!
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