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    Huge zep fan, and founder of the only online classic rock community! http://www.ClassicRockersNetwork.com!
  1. I'm a huge fan of the Destroyer bootleg - I was wondering what everyone's favorite led zep bootleg apart from Destroyer is? I need to start getting more bootlegs, and not sure where to start! Thanks...
  2. Hey guys! Quick poll for everyone - what is your favorite classic rock website (apart from this one!) Here are a few of my favorites: www.ultimateclassicrock.com www.classicrockmagazine.com www.classicrockersnetwork.com Do you like any of these, and what are your other favorites? Rich
  3. Hey guys! Hows it going? I'm new around here - and a huge Led Zep fan! I'm pretty honored that my last name is 'Page' - sadly no relation though! Anyway, I would have to say my favorite album is Houses of the Holy - some real classics on that if you ask me! I'm currently living in London, but have lived in california for nearly 10 years - plan to move back soon! I also created and run a cool online classic rock community too! Its called Classic Rockers Network and has 2,500 members. You should come check it out and join up - I would love to know what you think - it also has a Led Zep fan group on there! Anyway, I'm excited to be on this forum - i'm looking forward to meeting some cool led zep fans!
  4. Hearbreaker for sure! Just love hot it slow builds up, pauses, then goes nuts. One of the best riffs of any band, ever!
  5. mojoman282

    Where Are You?

    I'm in London for right now - was living in California for 9 years up until recently. Will move back there one day! Would love to meet up with any other zep fans in London!
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