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  1. The last 30 ish seconds of the rover (especially the last few bars before it fades out completely).. Crazy. Also, the riff right after the guitar solo in dazed and confused. Here's me trying to explain that part by personifying the guitar riff: "Hey i know the solo just blew your ears out but it's ok, just calm down you're back to the main song" when out of nowhere youre struck by this barrage of thunderlike drumming by bonham. Don't know how else to explain it but its awesome.
  2. During the show "Bones" at the end of the episode Dr. Brennan talks to Booth about a mix cd she received from a friend and how she likes their taste in music except for a band named led zeppelin. Booth flips out saying they're the best, to which Brennan makes it worse by saying a while back she declined 2 free tickets to the 07 reunion show in London. Also in Aqua Teen Hunger Force where Carl is drunk singing The Ocean, after which he says something like "that's from the live version I saw them in '76 they kicked ass."
  3. Electric guitar Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
  4. If only this were a double album it would be a lot easier. Starts and ends with a bang. Light and shadow. 1. Achilles last stand 2. Heartbreaker 3. Bring it on home 4. Since I've been loving you 5. Thank you (bbc sessions) 6. Stairway to heaven (tsrts) 7. White summer/black mountainside 8. Kashmir
  5. Thanks Also.. All My Love - Led Zeppelin
  6. Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles
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