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  1. Wait what? What's wrong with posting an image from the Pontiac video?
  2. Oh my god this thread... Quick question to OP. You know that we did indeed land on the moon, right? And that the earth is an oblate spheroid... not flat? But seriously... I never, in my life, thought I'd see a conspiracy theory about the audio used on a live show. We know exactly where the audio from The Song Remains the Same comes from. It comes from 3 shows at Madison Square Garden in 1973 (July 27th, 28th, and 29th). Some of the footage was shot on a sound stage, but the audio is all from those four shows. I noticed, OP, that you ignored SteveAJone's link to The Garden Tapes, which is a website that breaks down exactly what audio sources are used for Led Zeppelin official live releases, and how they're use. Here's that link again. I suggest you click on it and learn something... and stop dabbling in conspiracy theories, my dude. They aren't good for your mental health...
  3. Hey. Are there any updates on this? I've been hoping to see a torrent somewhere I could jump on, but haven't seen anything yet.
  4. I haven't posted here in, like, a bazillion years. Why not begin again in this thread, which I started? But first? Anyone made this? Can it be made without the milk and maybe less sour cream? I find my taste for creamy leaving and my taste for bittersweet growing (even with ice cream... I prefer a fruity ice cream or an Italian Ice to a classic ice cream these days). Also, I'd love to make a completely non-dairy version of this for those I know who are Jewish (for after a meat meal). Anyways... I have some recipes from this place called "Top Secret Recipes" run by Todd Wilbur. So here's one I will share. You all know the classic Auntie Anne's Pretzels, right? Well... I'm sorry to say that it's not one of his free recipes. (That's a link to the recipe page.) However, I bought it a long time ago, so here it is, in full: And here's a couple comments I collected from the recipe page: I really want to know how y'all did. When I made them, they turned out really, really good. They weren't exactly like Auntie Anne's, but they were the closest I've ever come to Auntie Anne's pretzels without actually buying one. Enjoy!
  5. Yes and no. I'm basing my conclusions on both mathematical and logical statistics. We know for a fact intelligent life evolved once (see: planet earth). So it's already not impossible. Statistically speaking, if it can happen once, it can happen again. Our universe is huge. Impossibly huge. We humans can't comprehend how big it is, and we probably never will. There has to be more intelligent life out there. I don't see how it's possible that we're the only ones, and I'm quite sure that the vast majority of scientists would agree. The only people in my family who seem to take issue are my Dad (a Hazzan), and my mom's dad (a Deacon). The rest seem absolutely fine with it. And here's why I'm not an agnostic: http://www.merriam-w...ionary/agnostic I do not hold any view that ultimate reality is unknown and unknowable. In fact, while I agree it may not be currently known, I in fact think it is most definitely knowable. I also am NOT unwilling to commit to a position. Here is what I say, specifically, about God and the supernatural: I do not rule out the possibility that my mind can be changed. If future evidence suggests that there is a higher power, then I will change my mind most readily. That said, my understanding of our universe (based on studying astronomy, cosmology, physics, biology, etc) leads me to conclude that any sort of creator is entirely unnecessary. Therefore, I lack belief in any form of higher power (or am otherwise skeptical). I believe the position is known as "weak atheism" or "agnostic atheism". I do admit that if definitive evidence of a creator came about, I'd most likely be a Jew. I love the culture and the civilization. So I'm no anti-theist (I was when I first lost my faith, mostly just out of anger that I lost my faith). I honestly don't care what anyone believes, as long as they don't try and force it on me, and, unlike some, I'm not interested in "spreading atheism" (which I think is incredibly stupid, quite frankly, especially since the lack of proselytizing is what first endeared me to Judaism). I am, however, quite vocally outspoken against religious radicalism (creationism, Sharia Law, religious-inspired bigotry, etc) and do in fact support anti-theism in response to religious radicalism (because while you can't fight fire with fire, you also can't put out a raging inferno with a light drizzle). Although I do think I'm starting to pull this thread off-topic. Sorry... Perhaps we should move to a private conversation or start a new thread if you want to continue with this? Fair enough. No. Light speed is the cosmic speed limit. From everything we know, it is literally impossible to go faster. The closest star to our solar system (that is not the sun) is Proxima Centauri. It is 4.2421 light years, or 2.49371841 x 1013 miles, away. Currently, the fastest vehicles we have are the twin Helios spacecraft currently in orbit around the sun. Using their fastest speed, it would take 18,110 years to get there from here (or from here to there). The reason light speed is basically an impossible speed barrier to break is because as matter goes faster, its mass increases. In order to reach light speed, we would need a rocket many times the size of our solar system burning more fuel than is estimated to exist in our entirely solar system... indeed, burning more fuel than our sun burns. Even if we were thousands of years ahead in technology, it would be impossible (the reason light can reach that speed is because photons basically have no mass, so there's no mass to increase). Yes, there are other ideas... wormholes, warp drives, etc. But none of these are currently technologically possible for us, and even Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawking have trouble seeing how it could ever be done. The amount of energy required would be ridiculously massive... making a supernova look non-existent by comparison, in fact. And there's no way of knowing what damage such a thing could do to the fabric of spacetime (and therefore existence), so even if it was possible, the question would then be, is it really worth the (possible) risks? We are currently not technology capable of understanding anything that could come from so far away. If the human species lasts long enough, I promise you that our great-great-great-...-great-grandchildren will likely not be alive to see the day we actually "make contact" with other life. We are currently just too primitive, and will be for an extremely long time. Let's be realistic for now and just look forward to landing the first man on Mars, perhaps a colonization on the Moon, and private/commercial flights into space. Those are more realistic goals with our current level of technology, and I can guarantee that most of us on this board will be alive to see at least 2 out of those 3 goals, if not all 3 (in fact, I would not be surprised if Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones live to see the first man on Mars... it will likely happen within the next decade). No, don't worry. Our TV/Radio signals die out before they even leave our solar system, so I Love Lucy will most likely never be heard/seen by anyone out there.
  6. emphasis mine And that right there is why I don't believe it. Clothes don't have souls, and they don't die. No way there are clothes of any kind in any afterlife world. Note: I'm only being halfway facetious.
  7. I don't completely rule out the supernatural. I am an atheist, but not the stereotyped "I know for a fact that there are no gods or such" atheist. I simply find myself skeptical due to the lack of empirical evidence, and I find the canard "science can't touch the supernatural" to be a sad cop-out. People have told me that it'd be better to call myself an agnostic, but I do not think it can never be known (an agnostic is someone who thinks it is impossible to know so there's no point talking about it, basically). I do, in fact, think the question can be answered. So no, I don't know, but it can be known, and I am skeptical. As far as life in outer space, you don't have to believe it... it's a fact. The smallest amount of planets in our observable universe is estimated at around 100 billion trillion. So even if intelligent life is a rare as 1 in a billion (which, if I'm not mistaken, is the projected statistic), that still means there are at least 1 billion planets in our observable universe alone with intelligent life on them. And that's only in our observable universe. It's pretty much accepted that our observable universe is no where near being the entire universe, and it's actually possible that the amount of planets could actually be infinite, or, at the very least, there could be so many planets that to human understanding the amount of planets may as well be infinite (we may not actually have a name for the number), making the existence of more intelligent life outside of our planet entirely inevitable. In other words, it is impossible for intelligent extraterrestrial life to not exist, simply because of the size of our universe (and I do emphasize our universe since it's pretty much accepted that our universe is not the only one [or, if it is, it wasn't always the only one]).
  8. Wow. This thread is still kickin'... (< thumbnail due to size of picture)
  9. Woah. I've changed. I believed in ghosts, bigfoot... and I used that canard "absence of evidence does not equal evidence of absence"? *cringes* I will put out that this a comment on only me, no one else, so no need to take it personally unless your name is Nathan, you live in Boca Raton, FL, your Dad is Jewish clergy, and you haven't posted here in a really long time. Guess I gotta change some answers: Bigfoot: No Ghosts: No (side note: why are they always wearing clothes in sightings? If you think about it, it makes no sense.) Supernatural: No
  10. Every once in a while, yeah... I still worship Led Zeppelin, but it's actually getting hard to find something Zeppliny to talk about the days... and I get in enough debates on other forums... heh... :D

  11. From NotAlwaysRight.com: http://notalwaysright.com/welcome-to-b-c-bookstores/3954 Welcome To B.C. Bookstores Video Game Store | Los Angeles, CA, USA (I’m ringing up a young couple for a video game. The girlfriend asks about the game and the boyfriend describes it to her.) Boyfriend: “[in the game] you’re one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.” Girlfriend: “Which one?” Boyfriend: “War.” Girlfriend: “Who are the others?” Boyfriend: “Famine, Pestilence, and Plague.” Girlfriend: “Who makes this s*** up?!” (2,078 Thumbs Up!)
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WidsgIt3lfw Tim Minchin is a favorite of mine. Yeah for rationality!
  13. First, to ~tangerine~... thanks! For those who don't know, last weekend was the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanna) and this weekend was the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). Now I'm not a particularly religious Jew myself (ask me sometime how I feel about religion... and I hope you feel the same way or we'll fight for hours), but I find the traditions quite beautiful. So... thanks! (And boy did I have a lot to atone for this year! ) Second... ZFF's posts actually make me happy. He's a very positive person. Yes, that can be annoying sometimes, but with so much darkness in the world, occasional light is a good thing, and ZFF definitely shines light. So I say thank you to ZFF for his posts. Finally... I have something to post in here for once... My Statistics teacher. My financial aid has yet to come thru, so I have no money to pay for my semester, yet. My Statistics teacher has gone the extra mile to make sure I can still take my tests and do well despite not being able to afford my books or materials needed for the class. If I fail tomorrow's (today's) test (at 10:00 AM), I am only failing myself and her. Wish me luck, everyone!
  14. Okay. Great. So pot and booze were combined. Who said combining drugs was a good idea? the very fact that booze was involved negates the point you're trying to make, though. This one can't be pinned on marijuana, quite simply because alcohol was involved. As such, it's a combination of drugs, which is something the study wasn't considering. Marijuana, by itself, combined with no other drugs, has ever killed a single person in its recorded history.
  15. Key word right there. Sure, she had been smoking pot, but she was also DRUNK. Once you throw alcohol into the picture, things change. If she had just been high, you'd have a point. But she was also drunk.
  16. Annual causes of death in the United States: Tobacco: 435,000 Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity: 365,000 Alcohol: 85,000 Microbial Agents: 75,000 Toxic Agents: 55,000 Motor Vehicle Crashes: 26,347 Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs: 32,000 Suicide: 30,622 Incidents Involving Firearms: 29,000 Homicide: 20,308 Sexual Behaviors: 20,000 All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect: 17,000 Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs such as Aspirin: 7,600 Marijuana: 0! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. None! Zip! Zilch! Nadda! Nyet! No one! (Source: http://drugwarfacts.org/cms/?q=node/30) Wow.... Aspirin kills more people a year then Marijuana. So why is Marijuana illegal again?
  17. Bill Hicks on Marijuana (about 3:54 in) Enjoy...
  18. Led Zeppelin Bill Hicks My Mom and Dad John Lennon Bob Dylan
  19. One thing I like about Megan is that she isn't a fake beauty. By that I mean, she's just as, if not more pretty "natural" (without all the make-up and magazine touch-ups). Like I said, I met her. And it was a chance encounter, not a planned one. So she wasn't all "made up" for a function or magazine shoot, and she was still extremely good-looking. Kinda like Kate Beckinsale, actually, who's beautiful even without the make up. Well yeah, of course. There's eye candy every where. Celebrities just happen to be in the spotlight more often.
  20. Only reason I don't like camel toe is 'cause it leaves too much to the imagination. Just show the kitten, damnit! Ah, much better...
  21. She is also breaking up with him. Was when I met her. This is exactly how you and I are very different... the fact that she plays hard-to-get just made me and makes me want her even more, because it's human nature to want most what you can't have. Plus, she is easy to talk (not in the "she's dumb" way, but in the "she somehow had many of the same interests I did" way... it was cool that she new so much about both Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd... and she's a fan of an underground band I like, Days of the New. That was definitely shocking to hear.) Oh yes she is. Very much so.
  22. You wouldn't like her, spats. She's a tease and loves to play hard to get (she's a game-player, no doubt... and she's really good at it), and her standards are really frickin' high. I've met her (talked to her for about 15 minutes) and I know I don't stand a chance, so you definitely wouldn't. Still... NSFW: http://www.realnipples.com/wp-content/uplo...fox-topless.jpg http://images.google.com/images?q=Megan%20...l=en&tab=wi She is hot as fuckin' hell, though... and easy to talk to (that's two extremely hot female celebrities I've been able to talk to... Lindsay Lohan for almost two hours, and Megan Fox for 15 minutes or so... and yet I normally can't talk to anyone face-to-face... coolio).
  23. Yo! What's up? How've you been? We've missed you. You should see the Pub over at Planet Zeppelin (if you haven't already, that is). I think you'd enjoy it. And it's good to see you back, bro.

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