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  1. I love that album.... what u guys think about it?
  2. This days i was listening a lot In my time of dying but the version of the 25 of the Earl Courts Arena.... and watching the videos on youtube... the other night i found almost the whole show on youtube under the name of The Nobs and the names of the songs was on code, that was really funny.... Things like The Nobs - The Tune Maintains Consistancy The Nobs - Greek Heroes Never Last Forever The Nobs - The Inclement Weather Melody The Nobs - Large Body of Water hehehhe people are crazy hehehhe
  3. Yeah hey hey what can i do is my favorite on that album
  4. i found this on the web Jones: 'Led Zeppelin will meet this month' By WENN world entertainment news - Thursday, January 10 02:31 pmLed Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones has fuelled speculation the legendary band will embark on a world tour by admitting there's a band meeting later this month. The veteran rockers have so far refused to confirm rumours of a 2008 reunion tour, following their triumphant live return at a benefit concert in London last month. But Jones admits the Stairway To Heaven group will meet to weigh up their options in the coming weeks. He tells Rolling Stone
  5. I was listening the radio when i was going home and they said that Jason Bonham was saying that it was a be a meeting of the zepp this month.... did anybody hear something about it?
  6. this is really nice... Led Zepp is like the celtic highlanders... and his songs are war hammers ready to rock
  7. i found like a little bit more than four version but i stay with one called Led Zeppelin - 10Dec07 O2 Arena Mastered Bootleg that sounds great... DVDs i don't have any but i do have a nice footage of the first 44 minutes of the gig.... If you wanna the version i have just send a pm
  8. Well i guess the nasty thing is not what i said.... it's what you said right now.... that is wrong!.... I think to many of us listen led zeppelin since the 70s... i grow up listening Led Zeppelin and after that listen Robert Plant, The Honneydrippers, The Firm, Page and Coverdale, etc etc etc.... I just saying what i said on the begining... Plant was always try to don't be Percy again and be himself out of the shadow of Zeppelin, and i thing that is really good.... and i don't think he owes nobody nothing. Led Zeppelin is on the heart of a lot of people.... on that way was my opinio
  9. Plant on tour... why he don't listen to the fans and go with Led????
  10. Someone post his page with the mp3s and videos of yesterday... this is the page http://walhallahereicome.blogspot.com/ Enjoy it
  11. I think you can use rapidshare to upload the videos so we can download it... with all this of the warner deleting videos, i think is a good solution....
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