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  1. I'm convinced that the Cologne soundboard, like Dortmund, played way too fast, and was only pitch corrected instead of speed corrected. Both of these shows just feel way too fast to be natural, and none of the other shows from this tour are ever as fast either so that's the basis of my theory. I look forward to your nitpick of Brussels, I think it and Rotterdam are the best shows after Zurich, Frankfurt, and Munich.
  2. I personally prefer The Final Option's packaging but I'll always have a soft spot for EVSD's old Earl's Court boxset
  3. to our knowledge, the soundboards that Jimmy was robbed of were the 1973 and 1980 soundboards, the stuff EVSD has turned out apparently come from a different source
  4. [SUE DOUNIM EXCLUSIVE] Fuck you! EVSD! Please stop getting my hopes up and actually release a new 77 soundboard! Pontiac 77 is one of my favorite Zep shows, give us the soundboard!! Give us the video!!!
  5. You'd think whoever the dirty weasel was who secretly comes from EVSD and nabbed this recording would have at least had the sense to wait until those people who were offering more tapes had made good on their offers. I guess the label is really desperate for cash
  6. I was hoping you'd nitpick this tour. I've been convinced for a long time that the soundboards for 6/17 and 6/18 play way too fast, but whoever shared them corrected the pitch but not the tempo. They just sound impossibly fast to me. That said I still think your assessment of 6/17 was spot on. I'm most looking forward to your assessments of 6/20, 6/21, 7/2, and 7/7.
  7. Listening to Atlanta 1977 for the first time in 6 or 7 years cuz I managed to EQ it in such a way where it's fairly pleasant to listen to. Perhaps the best White Summer of the April 77 shows?
  8. someone very cool to people who cant afford luxury bootlegs
  9. despite the compression, this is now, at least to my memory, the best sounding audience tape of this show.
  10. its the cleanest version of the 7/29 soundboard material I've ever heard, and 7/27 sounded pretty good as well.
  11. this release is only worth it if you like pretty packaging. There's nothing in the set that you can't download for free online in the same, if not better quality.
  12. The shortened setlist and the crowd violence, as well as Plant being a little vocally worse than usual were disqualifiers for me.
  13. Mobile is probably your best bet, but Fort Worth, San Francisco, and Seattle are all great too.
  14. it's not multitrack, it's a stereo soundboard. The multitrack mixdown is what's already been circulating for eons
  15. it sounds to me like the whole band forgot where they were right before the machine gun drumming/strained solo about 7 1/2 or 8 minutes in, and they never fully recover. I actually like the 11th up through Kashmir, and then the encores are good. There are about as many wrecks as triumphs at that gig, with a better TSRTS, Celebration Day and Black Dog than the first night, a good NFBM, shite OtHaFA, a shite MMH, then good SIBLY, great No Quarter, Hot Dog is good, The Rain Song is very pretty, a good White Summer, and an awesome Kashmir. From that point Jimmy is a wreck til the encores. What's worse is again the flub near the end of ALS, with a similar flub during In the Evening.
  16. ALS from Tempe 77 always gets mentioned but at least it sounds like there's energy and has a cool opening. ALS from the second Knebworth show will always get my vote for worst version. Jimmy's unbelievably sloppy, and his guitar tone sounds absolutely dead on arrival, utterly weak and pathetic. I hate it with every fiber of my being.
  17. I've seen this question asked a bunch and I can tell you year of the dragon is a million times better than supersonic seattle. Its sharper with better colors and is a seamless viewing experience.
  18. 1977/06/11 is a prime example. One of my favorites is Pittsburgh 1973
  19. I finished a matrix of this show a month or so ago but never shared it because there's a few discrepancies that I just couldn't fix or avoid.
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