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  1. My Led Zeppelin collection on CD and DVD: CD: Studio Albums: 1. Led Zeppelin 2. Led Zeppelin II 3. Led Zeppelin III 4. Led Zeppelin IV 5. Houses of the Holy 6. Physical Graffiti (Double Album) 7. Presence 8. In Through the Out Door 9. Coda Compilations: 10. Remasters (Double Album) 11. The Best of Led Zeppelin: Volume Two: Latter Days 12. Mothership (Three Disc Deluxe Edition) (Two CD's/One DVD) Live: 13. The Soundtrack from the Film: The Song Remains the Same (Double Album) (Original CD Version) 14. BBC Sessions (Double Album) Single: 15. Immigrant Song
  2. I was thinking either that one, Ramble On, or The Musicians Corner, but I really wasn't sure which board would be best for karaoke videos. If you check out any of the other eight videos, please give me your feedback on them man!
  3. Thanks for checking out those videos man! Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne songs go over extremely well whenever I do them, and those songs are naturally a good fit for me. That Nirvana song, I didn't do as good as I normally do it, but it was still decent enough, and I've actually gotten a lot of positive feedback on that Green Day song from when I sing it out at the events and from the video I posted of it on Facebook. I was singing with sore throat during that recording, so, maybe that's why it sounded a bit off. That has been expressed to me, and am aware of that, but you're right.
  4. Just like with any other band forum, he is into much more than just Megadeth. It was in the non Megadeth topic forum. I don't want to post them in this thread, because they don't belong here. I'll send them to you in a private message, and you can check them out if you want.
  5. I've been told by a lot of people, even extremely hard critics that, I should get a band together or join one because I'm good enough to take it beyond karaoke, and that is my dream one day. I have twelve recordings of me singing if you'd like to check them out. This is a comment by one hard critic on the Megadeth forums from a few months ago on February 29th regarding my singing: "I expected typical karaoke trash when clicking on the first vid. I don't like giving compliments but I have to give credit where credit is due, you fucking killed it dude! Great work man, you have a good voice
  6. 1. Friends 2. How Many More Times 3. Wearing and Tearing 4. Communication Breakdown 5. Dazed and Confused 6. Houses of the Holy 7. Over the Hills and Far Away 8. Hey, Hey What Can I Do 9. Moby Dick 10. A Fool in the Rain 11. Living Loving Maid 12. Whole Lotta Love 13. Darlene 14. Your Time Is Gonna Come 15. In the Evening 16. In the Light 17. You Shook Me 18. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 19. Trampled Under Foot 20. I Can't Quit You Baby 21. We're Gonna Grove 22. The Rain Song 23. The Immigrant Song 24. The Lemon Song 25. The Wanton Song 26. The Song Remains the Same 27. It's Nobo
  7. They have done a ton of research on the majority of the artists that they cover. I realize that, not all of the sources they dug up are credible, but I believe that, a lot of them are. Their belief is that, Satan is using musicians to deceive people that will destroy them emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Many artists openly admit in video interviews, and sourced quotes, that they have been influenced by supernatural, satanic forces, among many other things. I'm sure some of them haven't been accurately labeled, but I believe that, a lot have been, and what they are admitting to
  8. This project goes way, way beyond just Christianity, Satanism, and videos. Their goal is to help others, and educate them with this project to attempt to protect other people, especially children from evil. There are a total of 71 Testimonies out of thousands that this ministry has helped on their website from people that have watched the same program that I did, or one of the three or four hour versions that they submitted to tell them how much this project has changed their, their families, and friends lives, and how much they appreciated it. http://www.goodfight...estimonies.html
  9. All of the interviews and writings are included in their videos that they discuss. $100,000, which was paid by Church members and other donations has gone into these videos, which goes way beyond just Led Zeppelin. I have their 10 hour 4 DVD set, and until you see it all for yourself, you won't understand how much work that this ministry has put into this project. I've seen all ten hours of this, so I can say that, not everything they put together is completely accurate, but a lot of it is. Many of the artists openly admit to supernatural and satanic influences, and I can personally tell you t
  10. I read this part wrong on Wikipedia: "sons Karac Pendragon (1972–1977) (died of a virus; the reason Led Zeppelin's 1977 North American Tour was cut short), and Logan Romero" (1979). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_plant#Personal_life The way I read it, I thought something happened to Logan also. Thanks for clearing that up SteveAJones!
  11. Even if no one in the band put them in Stairway to Heaven, they are definitely there and got there somehow. If they were Satanists, their goal would be to keep them away from God, but their fans wouldn't have to become Satanists though. His two young sons, Karac Pendragon and Logan Romero died at very young ages. Some people believe that was his punishment for dabbling in the Occult, though in reality, I obviously don't know.
  12. Yes, I did, but I'm not trying to be a tool. I own every Led Zeppelin album except for How the West Was Won, and The Best of Led Zeppelin: Early Days: Volume One, so I am by no means a new fan of the band. I used to be a member on these boards under a different name years ago, but forgot what that was. I was unable to relocate it, so I had to create another account. I was simply interested in sharing things about this band, that some may not have known, if any of the sources are correct.
  13. Had it not been for the video, I wouldn't have known about the backward messages in Stairway to Heaven, because I don't listen to my albums backwards, LOL! If I did, I'm not sure if I would have gotten everything completely or not, but you can honestly hear them in the video. You have to really be paying attention to catch them though.
  14. I didn't say Led Zeppelin put backward messages into their music. What I'm saying is that, there is proof of that in Stairway to Heaven. When parts of the song are played backwards, I can hear the words that are in bold below. Here are some examples below of what I'm talking about: 1. Cause I Live With Satan (Your Stairway Lies On The Whispering Wind) 2. The Lord Turned Me Off It (The Piper's Calling You To Join Him) 3. Here's To My Sweet Satan! I Wanna Live It Backwards Like The Zep Whose Power Is Satan. He Will Give You, Give You 666 (Yes There Are Two Paths You Can Go By But In The
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