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    Robert has a tatoo on his lower back. You can see it in the video.
  2. But in the book Led Zeppelin 1968-1980 there's a passage that says the song is 20 minutes with strange Plant vocals and lots of acoustic guitars.
  3. 1. Dazed & Confused 2. Whole Lotta Love 3. Moby Dick 4. Heartbreaker 5. Ramble On 6. Gallow's Pole 7. Since I've Been Loving You 8. Bron-Yr-Stomp 9. Immigrant Song 10. Rock & Roll 11. Misty Mountain Hop 12. Battle of Evermore 13. Stairway to Heaven 14. Going to California 15. When the Levee Breaks 16. The Ocean 17. D'yer Maker 18. No Quarter 19. The Song Remains the Same 20. The Rain Song 21. Over the Hills & Far Away 22. Sick Again 23. Ten Years Gone 24. The Rover 25. In the Light 26. Kashmir 27. Trampled Underfoot 28. Houses of the Holy 29. Custard Pie
  4. Maybe this has been discussed already or perhaps this belongs in Steve's Zeppelin Mystereies thread, but do we have any information on the unreleased 20-minute 'Swan Song' that contains amazing acoustic guitars and strange Plant vocals?
  5. The way the writer discusses Zeppelin is so direspectful - first they are at the top of a list of bands under the heading of "A bunch of old farts..."; second just flippantly using the phrase "their dead drummer's son" is so low-class I can't even know where to begin (maybe make a mention that they were respectful of their friend to have his son play drums?; and thirdly, as someone posted above, Zeppelin did it for charity. I'm a huge Zep fan by my own standards but not even close to some of the people on this Board who live & breathe Zeppelin, but even I was offended by this disgusting pi
  6. Please put together a volume II for the rest of us to contribute!
  7. I'm a huge Stones and a huge Zeppelin fan. This is a great question. For me Physical Graffiti is superior b/c the music and lyrics are epic, mysterious, obscure and progressive - PG takes me somewhere else, away from this world. Exile on the other hand is an amazing album and the lyrics are probably more soulful and deep and meeingful (I only say this b/c most of the Zep lyrics are obscure or I can't really figure out). I think both albums have a country influence on some songs but I think In My Time of Dying would have fit well on Exile.
  8. That looks great! I wish I had written a message! What's on the spine? A symbol for pisces?
  9. I'm an older fan at 43 yrs old but also never got to see them live. They are my favorite band of all time and have written and recorded my favorite song of all time (ALS) - if they toured I would definitely see them and love every moment. HOWEVER, what I don't like about the commercialization of Zeppelin in the 21st Century (and this is just my feeling based on perception) is that the commercialization is being carried out by people who have no appreciation for the music and are just doing this in an effort to get rich from the tour. I have no evidence to back this up but when I hear about sui
  10. Great performance (by Robert) but on the YouTube site I can see other live performances with Robert and Pearl Jam - was this just a one-off special show or did they tour together like Page & The Black Nostrils?
  11. Sorry for the delay, but things have been so hectic. Anyway, I've finally had a chance to review the lyrics to The Memory Song (used a Google engine search for Memory Song lyrics) and I still am convinced Robert wrote that about me. Thx, K
  12. Great List! Here's my Top 12 (sorry but I couldn't get it down to 10): 1. Achilles Last Stand 2. Trampled Underfoot 3. In My Time of Dying 4. When the Levee Breaks 5. In the Evening 6. All My Love 7. Battle of Evermore 8. Kashmir 9. Stairway to Heaven 10. The Rover 11. Tea For One 12. Immigrant Song
  13. Dave's not that great of a drummer to begin with. Period. The only person who could potentially replace Jason (and I definitely want Jason there) would be Bill Ward. Listen to some of the bootlegs from the Heaven & Hell era - his drum solos were just as thunderous as Bonham's and unbelieveable. Plus Bill & Bonham were mates and Bill also has that swing/jazz/funk thing going but not at the expense of hitting things hard & loud (like Bruford who has the jazz thing going but can't pound the hell out of his set).
  14. You are right, it's mainly just ramblings & musings on my part. If I could edit the title of this thread I think I would use the "confessions" suggestion.
  15. I actually would like to know what everyone thinks - many times an album which I've loathed I've come around to when I listen to other dedicated fans' opinions (eg., Sabbath's Dehumanizer was a disappointment for me after the Heaven & Hell and Mob Rules masterpieces, but after listening to many people post why they loved it so much it has kind of grown on me. The reason I said a true Zep fan would have to choose which of those two solo Plant albums he/she despised more was because those two albums are furthest away from Zeppelin in my opinion - true Zeppelin always experimented with differ
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