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    the incredible hulk, good coffee, conspiracy theories
  1. i will purchase my DVD on november 19. i plan on seeing the concert in my local cinema if they show it. in fact i plan on going a couple of times.
  2. my wife and i danced to this song a long time ago. it was the first time i realized i was going to be with this woman for a long time. now, years later, when i feel romantic, i open a bottle of wine, turn the lights down, and play "I'm gonna crawl." she isn't even a zeppelin fan. but that song gets her every time. -blue skies
  3. in the song rock & roll the real lyrics: i can't count the tears of a life with no love. what i thought they said: i'll kick off your tits i'm alive with your love. ha ha ha ha after i read the lyrics, only then did i realize why my friends looked at me the way they did. (and laughed) -blue skies
  4. hello, new member here. just wanted to say hello. i look forward to reading all the cool topics on this site. -blue skies
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