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  1. How the West Was Won is one of those CDs I have not listened to, surprisingly. I tweaked that No Quarter solo toward the end, and recorded it on a different guitar. The one I posted above was recorded on a Jimmy Page #2 Les Paul. This newer one was recorded on a Jimmy Page #1 LP:
  2. It is an early 90s Marshall JCM 900 100 watt 2x12 combo with a Marshall power brake.
  3. Tone Demo: 2015 signed / aged Frehley 1959 Les Paul - LZ Heartbreaker solohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzQVmjCr1kk
  4. that is the pre- remastered version from the sound track. parts of that version were not actually in the movie. the first 54 second of the solo are not in the movie. and some parts after the solo are not there. in the remastered version, the movie is the same as the pre- remastered movie. but the sound track now matches the remastered movie. and that is the version that i learned, the movie remastered version.
  5. I learned it from vanderbilly dott komm and by ear; mostly the lesson, but i also changed a few parts that i heard differently on the DVD. if you take the lesson & compare it to the way i play it, you will see a few differences. but the lesson was an awesome guide.
  6. I want to see the No Quarter footage too! I want to see how close I was to playing the solo correctly:
  7. That is a Guild F50 jumbo acoustic guitar. Thanks!
  8. That is one theory. However, it would have had to have been modified heavily to be one of the 58 reissues because those 71-73 models were actually more like 54 LPs in that they had a stop tail bridge, not an ABR-1 with tail piece; not to mentionb the P90 pickups (would have to be routed for humbuckers as well). Also, the logo placement is more like a 50s LP compared to those 58 reissues. Most of the ones I have seen were not gold tops, though I have seen a few gold tops. Plus, with Page having referenced the candy apple red guitar he got from Corby, that makes more sense. He probably got the year on it wrong though. It was more likely a 1957 gold top or early 58 gold top....could have even been a 55-56 gold top routed for humbuckers.
  9. That is because of the concert lights. They are both candy apple red = gold underneath a transparent red finish. When the guitars are in regular light, they both look very candy apple red, which also tends to change colors at different angles and different lighting. BTW, it looks like the logo on the real #3 has a dot over the i, making an even stronger case for pre-1970 = mid to late 1969 model.
  10. That one with the B bender is the one that was used in The Song Remains The Same (pre-B-bender); it is a 1969 Les Paul Deluxe with a pancake body and one piece neck (no volute). The other red LP from 1977 is most likely a 50s LP gold top that was over sprayed transparent red to make it candy apple red
  11. You are correct sir! But youtube has blocked nearly all of my most recent videos, which are also the best ones. So I have put all of my videos on metacafe where they are never deleted: http://www.metacafe.com/channels/jimmyace2006/ If you check there, you will see many videos that are not available on youtube.
  12. Yeah, that logo pic is too grainy to see the details that I am looking for. And that pic of all of those guitars backstage is from Oakland in 1977; that red guitar is not the same as the red guitar that was used in the Song Remains The Same; that one is the "other #3" which is likely a 1950s gold top that was oversprayed transparent red to make it candy apple red. It is different from the real #3 that was used in the movie (the one that got a B bender after LZ broke up): the other #3 has a one piece body, long neck tenon, small head stock, Brazilian rosewood fret board, 1950s logo, narrow binding in the cut away, etc. Also, the red guitar in the video is the "other #3"; there are no known photos of the real #3 from that 1977 tour. Some people believe it was either getting work done to it or else he had put it away for a while. I patterned my Page collection after that 1977 pic (the blac beauty is standing in for the broan Telecaster):
  13. I am on there all the time. I don't think there are any threads about the guitar I have not seen over there. I just need a pic of the logo now and more pics of the "other #3".
  14. that is so awesome! thank you! have you got any clear shots of the logo on the head? also, got any shots like this of the ":other Page #3"?
  15. yeah I have all of those and a bunch more; i wanted more pics like the one i posted above
  16. Have you got more close up shots of this guitar? (headstock logo? pickups?)
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