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  1. Man, would I like to finally see (and hear) a Soundboard Release of the never heard Houston 1975 show.....! First ever classical piano interlude by JPJ during "No Quarter"... Repeated again the following night in Baton Rouge on Feb. 28, 1975 Photo: Mark Bowman Images - Houston 1975
  2. Just checked the Genesis Publications site, the book appears to be officially SOLD OUT... Those final 50 copies went pretty fast-
  3. Hiya Steve - Never saw this photo before either, but isn't that Swan Song's/JP's Assistant, Phil Carlo at the bottom, far left...? Looks like him to me.....
  4. I think the "never released" Houston 2-27-1975 Soundboard might surprise some people... It supposedly exists.... After a 42 year wait - this show hasn't had a SONG released from it - AUD or SB.... It was a KILLER show....
  5. TESLA Rocks!! Plain and simple.... Totally agree with you, Charles J..... (And, MAN, are they good live.....!)
  6. Was there on the front row, show was between 3 and a half and 3 hours 45 minutes, first show after the release of Physical Graffiti, and the first show of the 2nd leg of the 1975 USA tour..... They had been off for almost 2 weeks, they got into Houston the night before for a band dinner and were well rested.... Plant's voice had two weeks off too.... This show is mentioned in particular in the Davis "1975 USA Tour" Zeppelin book.... They ripped the roof off the joint that night..... Even Robert looked down at us and said, "This is a really good gig".... He said something about a lot of happy smiling faces and good energy in the crowd...
  7. Houston 75 Soundboard.... no recording of any kind has surfaced to date........
  8. They mention "When Giants Ruled The Earth"........ Just listened to the final 3 song volley from the new Ft Worth 1975 LZ Soundboard at top volume..... Stairway/Whole Lotta Love/Black Dog - Talk about IN YOUR FACE - WHOA!!
  9. Listen to you! :-D Thanks for the kind words, "S"... Was living in Colorado Springs in 1977..... Somehow Barry Fey failed to snag them on their way to the Seattle show in July 1977 and we know now that the following weeks' two Oakland shows were the final US shows ever.... While on vacation in Houston in early '77, my sister very cruelly showed me HER ticket to the "Dragon Snake" Houston Summit 77 show, and my wife attended as well..... At least my Houston '75 experience was front row center and the very first live Zeppelin show after the actual release of Physical Graffiti - so I got one chance to hear Kashmir on the album before JP blew me away with that hypnotic riff live on his Les Paul as you mention, not the Danelectro.... Those '75 versions of Kashmir were powerful indeed and it was brand new music to us! Here's a few of my cheesy little Kodak instamatic 110 photos of the "undocumented" Houston gig in February 1975:
  10. GREAT post Strider...... I really hope Houston 1975 is next.... It sure got a good review in the Davis 1975 Tour book.... It's such a drag to have to only LZ show I personally ever saw - not released in any format (audience or soundboard) after 40 years.....
  11. On This Day - April 1 - Happy Birthday Ronnie Lane..... www.jimmypage.com JP is still remembering 'ol Ronnie on his birthday almost 20 years after his passing.... Used my snapshot on this one... Cheers to Jimmy Page AND Ronnie Lane!!
  12. The Houston 1975 gig at the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, Texas was fully General Admission... no seats on the floor..... (We celebrate the 40th anniversary of that show on Friday - 1st show AFTER the release of PG) There was a long line at the main doors and for some reason they opened the side doors first away from the line.. I was one of the first ones in the door and SPRINTED as fast as I could to center mike..... The crowd was not violent or aggressive, even for a GA show, and Robert made a really nice comment about how great the vibe was in the crowd that night... They had a few "rowdy" nights on the East Coast during the first leg of the 75 tour.... After a 2 week break for them, this was the first show of the 2nd leg of the US Tour.... Robert's voice was fully rested and THEY TORE IT UP...! Also, there was no security barrier, like they have now.... I could have reached up and tapped Robert on the foot... After 3 hours and 45 minutes, it was over..... They were spent - we were spent..... No audience bootleg or soundboard of this gig exists to this day.....!
  13. RIP Mac..... Your post says it all, Strider.... I am really going to miss him.....! What a man.......!! Just had dinner with him the night before Thanksgiving - he couldn't have been any happier or healthier looking.. He couldn't wait to get back to England for the holidays to spend time with family...... Fate seems to provide some really "WTF" moments, eh?
  14. Well Scylla - that photo pretty well sums it up.........! WOW! What an AWESOME photograph!!
  15. Led Zeppelin Super Deluxe Box Numbers Led Zeppelin I - 13394 Led Zeppelin II - 01829 Led Zeppelin III - Backordered!
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